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By: David Almond

Each year, sixteen-year old Louise travels with her father to the island of Lindisfarne. It’s a holiday, but also a pilgrimage to the place Louise’s mother loved best of all in the whole world.

This year things are changing and the beautiful and haunted island is a troubled place. Louise is growing fast, and is yearning for independence. Her father becomes infatuated by an American tourist. And they arrive at the same time as Hassan, a mysterious boy from Syria, who fascinates Louise. He seems to have known this place from long ago, and to be at home here. He’s an acrobat, maybe a sorcerer, maybe a source of great danger. The gang of boys who live in the island’s wilder places want to cast him out.

Over the course of a few days, the forces of love, death, hope and destruction move these characters towards a deeper understanding of themselves and the world. This is a story which shows how the journeys we take and the people we meet shape us forever.

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Reviews from Toppsta:

Alice aged 14
This book was a really inspiring read, balancing topics of war and hope and relatable characters. The plot was really compelling, but I must say what did it for me were the detailed characters, I couldn’t help loving them. I would definitely recommend spending your WBD token on this.

ChloeB aged 13
This was a moving story which strongly reflects the goings on of the modern day. Louise is a kind, thoughtful and passionate girl who thinks a lot about the meanings of life and the point of it all. She often repeats the fact that you only live once. Lindisfarm is a peaceful place that is full of natural beauty. The mysterious Dark Star is attractive to Louise and Louise finds him interesting. Dark Star carries a story of hate and destruction and loss. It has you think about life and how important it is today. It is beautifully written.

Sarah read it to Ollie05 aged 11 
Really enjoyed the book. It was very moving and thought provoking story. Louise had already gone though so much in her life, loosing her mother at a young age but what happens when she re visits Lindisfarne and meets Hassan takes them both on a journey together. I liked the setting and her powerful message of only living once! I would highly recommend this book!

ben1411 aged 13

I enjoyed the book – I liked having a digital copy as it meant I always had it with me!

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    About the Author

    David Almond

    David Almond is the author of Skellig, My Name is Mina, The Savage, The Tightrope Walkers, A Song for Ella Grey and many other novels, stories, picture books and plays. His work is translated into 40 languages, and is widely adapted for stage and screen. His major awards include The Carnegie Medal, twoWhitbread Awards, The Eleanor Farjeon Award, The Michael L Printz Award (USA), Le Prix Sorcieres (France) and The Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize. In 2010 he won the Hans Christian Andersen Award, the world’s most prestigious prize for children’ authors. He is Professor of Creative Writing at Bath Spa University and lives in Northumberland.