JANUARY’S NEW BOOKS for 5-8 year olds

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magic kittenMAGIC KITTEN: A SUMMER SPELL by Sue Bentley

Four Magic Kittens titles to be published simultaneously for an instant must-have collectable package for all little girls.

Flame is prince and heir to the Lion throne but he is not yet strong enough to stand up to the evil uncle who killed his parents and is trying to claim Flame’s throne for his own. Flame must hide in the human world as a kitten but can’t stay in any place for too long for fear of his uncle finding him. So Flame travels from family to family in various kitten guises using his, often chaotic, magic spells to help those who need it along the way…

Lisa isn’t happy that she has to stay with her aunt in the country for the summer – she’s going to be so lonely and bored. But then one morning she finds a tiny ginger kitten in her aunt’s barn and suddenly Lisa’s summer looks much brighter…



Magic and mayhem from one of the world’s best loved storytellers








Owls of Blossom WoodTHE OWLS OF BLOSSOM WOOD by Catherine Coe

The Owls of Blossom Wood are back for another three magical adventures! When Katie, Eva and Alex hide inside a hollow tree trunk at the bottom of Katie’s garden, they find themselves whisked away to a magical wood alive with animals, where they’re no longer girls but owls! Follow them as they embark upon new adventures, helping the animals of Blossom Wood on the way!

For even more fun with The Owls of Blossom Wood check out www.theowlsofblossomwood.com where you’ll find loads of exciting activities, videos and a brilliant game!


RABBIT AND BEAR by Jim Field and Julian Gough rabbit and bear

Bear wakes up early from hibernation. If she can’t sleep, then at least she can make a snowman. Rabbit has never made a snowman, but he definitely wants to make one that’s better than Bear’s. But with an avalanche and a hungry wolf heading his way, Rabbit soon realises that it might be nice to have a friend on your side.

WIN! Rabbit and Bear




LR-RGB-TheDragonsitterToTheRescueTHE DRAGONSITTER TO THE RESCUE by Josh Lacey, illustrated by Garry Parsons

There’s more chaos and fun with Eddie and the dragons in the sixth book in The Dragonsitter series. Eddie decides to bring the dragons on a half-term trip to London, but it’s not long before disaster strikes and both dragons go missing. From the Natural History Museum to the London Eye, through tube stations, hotels and London Zoo, Eddie chases his dragons in order to stop them causing havoc. But there’s no smoke without fire…

The Dragonsitter series is told entirely through hilarious email exchanges and illustrated throughout by Garry Parsons, making it perfect for reluctant readers.


LITTLE GREY RABBIT: WISE OWL’S STORY by Saint Margaret MaryLittle Grey Rabbit Wise Owl

During a terrible storm, the tree hollow where Wise Owl lives is battered beyond repair. Little Grey Rabbit and friends decide to help Wise Owl find a new home but will Wise Owl agree with their choices?







Welcome to the British Museum, home to Lottie Lipton: nine-year-old investigator extraordinaire!

When Lottie reads a magic spell that brings some mischievous Egyptian statues to life, the museum ends up in a complete mess! Can Lottie and her friends track them down before they destroy the whole museum?

Lottie Lipton is on the case!



THE BUTTERFLY CLUB by Jacqueline Wilsonbutterfly

Tina is a triplet, but she’s always been the odd one out. Her sisters Phil and Maddie are bigger and stronger and better at just about everything. Luckily, they look after teeny-tiny Tina wherever they go – but when the girls start in scary, super-strict Miss Lovejoy’s class, they’re split up, and Tina has to fend for herself for the first time. Tina is horrified when she’s paired up with angry bully Selma, who nobody wants to be friends with. But when Miss Lovejoy asks them to help her create a butterfly garden in the school playground, Tina discovers she doesn’t always need her sisters – and that there’s a lot more to Selma than first meets the eye. A beautiful, heartwarming story about friendship, confidence and becoming your own person, from the mega-bestselling author of Tracy Beaker, Hetty Feather and Sleepovers.