Meet the Monsters

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Author Paula Harrison introduces us to her creepy monster glossary: full of monsters to terrify and amaze in her new book Robyn Silver: The Darkest Dream, published by Scholastic this month. It’s a story about a brave and bold heroine, who was born on the stroke of midnight and can see monsters no one else can!

Click on the icon of each monster to see them up close in all their creepy glory!

Dream Leech:
These black bugs with shiny wings may be small, but beware! They will give you nasty nightmares before bursting into a puff of grey smoke.Crike:
Looks like a dragon crossed with a lion – and has a fiery temper to match. When those red spikes round its neck bristle, there’s only one thing to do: RUN!Hell Wurm:
A colossal, vicious creature with a rubbery body that oozes slime. Don’t ask it to smile nicely for the camera – its rows of teeth are razor-sharp.Jooper:
A monster always found jumping up and down like a particularly bizarre pogo stick – stay out of the way of those fangs!Gruckle:
This huge dog with three eyes definitely isn’t in the mood for rolling over and having its tummy tickled… beware, its bark is equally as bad as its bite.Mimicus:
Is there an echo in here? This jelly-like, squelching creature will repeat everything you say – making it as annoying as it is odd-looking!Multi-Winged Skitting:
You may think a flock of budgies is flying towards you, but look closer… it’s an enormous winged creature with a room-rattling squawk and dangerous talons.The Mara:
You really don’t want to meet this monster on a dark night… ghost-white skin, blank eyes and a cavernous mouth full of teeth as sharp as a shark’s… the stuff of your very worst nightmare.Trofflegurt:
The handyman of the monster world – this small, stubby, constantly burbling creature is covered in grey hair and has a dozen fingers on each hand, all the better for fixing any malfunctioning equipment.

These awesome illustrations were created by Renée Kurilla. Renée is a children’s book illustrator and lives in Boston, USA with her husband, fluffy orange cat Timmy and Lemon the hedgehog.

Paula Harrison is the best-selling children’s author of The Rescue Princesses series. Her books have sold over one million copies worldwide. Paula wanted to be a writer from a young age but spent many happy years as a primary school teacher first.