Can the Cranky Caterpillar change his tune?

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One day Ezra hears a gloomy blue tune coming from the piano. To her surprise, it’s a caterpillar making the sound… a cranky caterpillar.

Ezra tries to cheer him up with some fresh air, cakes, and new hats, but nothing seems to work… What can Ezra do to help the cranky caterpillar change his tune?

Taking inspiration from Wassily Kandinsky’s colour synesthesia, children are shown the magical colours of music, in this splendidly illustrated book with a very distinct style. Children will identify with the struggle the caterpillar goes through, in trying to articulate his emotions, and will delight in the inventive band of friends that succeed in cheering him up. Watch the trailer to this exciting new picture book below:

The Cranky Caterpillar by Richard Graham is out on the 14th September 2017, published by Thames & Hudson.