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Ludwig the Sea Dog, by Henning Lohlein, published by Big Picture Press

Ludwig and friends live in a world of books. One day, a postcard arrives; Ludwig’s friend, Peter the penguin, has a broken submarine and needs Ludwig’s help – under the sea. How can a dog who lives in a book explore the underwater world? Maybe with a bit of fairy tale magic and some help from his friends.

The Racehorse Who Disappeared, by Clare Balding, published by Puffin

Life is slowly getting back to normal for Charlie after her reluctant racehorse, Noble Warrior, won the Derby and saved her family from financial ruin. But drama soon returns to Folly Farm when thieves break into the farmyard in the dead of night and kidnap Noble Warrior! With the police baffled and no trace of the prizewinning thoroughbred to be found, Charlie launches her own investigation…

The Little Vampire, by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg, published by Andersen

Nine-year-old Tony loves ghosts and horror stories, but when he’s left home alone one night, he gets quite a fright as Rudolph the little vampire flies in! Soon the two are firm friends (when Rudolph isn’t trying to bite Tony). But what will happen when Tony’s parents try to invite his new friend for dinner…?

Look out for the new 3D movie coming this Autumn!

What’s Above?, by Clive Gifford and Kate McLelland, published by Egmont

A beautiful pop-up book full of surprises! On a warm day in springtime, as you lie in the tall grass, what might be crawling across the leaves swaying above your nose? And when your curious footsteps take you along the city streets, who could be relaxing on the rooftops?

Raise your eyes to discover eagles swooping to catch their prey in a rainforest, black bears prowling in a mountain kingdom and a comet shooting across the sky. What other wonders are waiting to be uncovered?


Mr Penguin and the Lost Treasure, by Alex T. Smith, published by Hachette

It has been weeks since Mr Penguin’s last adventure and he’s been stuck at his desk, twiddling his flippers ever since. That is until the phone rings!

Mr Penguin and Colin (a spider and Mr Penguin’s silent right hand man) are called in to find the missing treasure somewhere in the Museum of Extraordinary Objects. The quest finds them solving secret codes, fighting ferocious beasts, eating fish finger sandwiches and travelling deep below the museum to a lost jungle…

Indiana Jones meets Hercule Poirot in this new Alex T. Smith series with plenty of slapstick  humour, mystery and adventure. Highly illustrated throughout with a striking black and orange design.

Billy and the Minpins, by Roald Dahl, illustrated by Quentin Blake, published by Puffin

A brand-new edition, illustrated by Quentin Blake for the first time.
Billy’s mum says he must never go out through the garden gate and explore the dark forest beyond. So, one day, that’s exactly what he does! There he meets the Minpins, tiny tree-dwelling people whose children are the size of matchsticks. They live in fear of the terrible, galloping GRUNCHER. Will it gobble Billy too – or can he find a way to defeat the hungry beast?

From Matilda to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The BFG, the collaboration between Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake has captured millions of children’s imaginations for nearly forty years. Billy and the Minpins, this new interpretation of Roald Dahl’s very last story (originally published in 1991), is just as magical.

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The Goozillas!: Trapped in the Bog of Beasts, by Dexter Green, published by Oxford University Press

One day nine-year-old Max is playing on his tablet when all of a sudden *ATISCHOO!* he sneezes his way into the World of Slime, the virtual game world he created. There he meets a gooey crew of characters called the GOOZILLAS. This gang of slime-balls needs Max’s help. Their world is being invaded by a sweet and fluffy group of adorable pets called the Sicklies – YUCK! But these cute critters aren’t as sweet as they seem…

Pirates Magnified, by David Long, illustrated by Harry Bloom, published by Wide Eyed Editions

Grab your free detachable magnifying glass and seek out history’s most notorious pirates in this swashbuckling search-and-find adventure, packed with over 200 things to spot.

Enjoy our fun activity sheets; Design Your Own Pirate Flag, Colour in the Pirate Crew and Design Your Own Pirate Ship Sail.

Writer and historian David Long is the author of more than thirty books for adults and children, one of which won the Blue Peter Book of the Year 2017. Well received by readers and reviewers alike, they include Diary of a Time Traveller for Wide-Eyed Editions. He lives and works in Suffolk and is the father of two boys.

Harry Bloom is a freelance illustrator based in London. He specialises in creating detailed illustrations for children’s books. His titles include Where’s Father Christmas? and Where’s Mo? Pirates Magnified is his first book for Wide Eyed Editions.

Read our interview with David and Harry here. You could also win a copy of the book with our Pirates Magnified competition (competition closes on the 25th September 2017).

Stories of Wizards and Witches, by Enid Blyton, published by Hachette

Get ready for broomstick rides and bubbling cauldrons in these magical short stories from Enid Blyton – ideal for reading aloud, or for children over 7 to read alone!

This bumper collection of 25 short stories is populated by every sort of magical and mysterious creature, from a grumpy wizard who is ouwitted by an elf to pixie who rides on a rabbit. The stories are the perfect length for reading aloud in a classroom or at bedtime. With lots of humour and fantastic characters, these will appeal to newly confident readers to read alone as well as to younger children being read to.

Usborne Graphic Legends: The Adventures of Robin Hood, published by Usborne

The adventures of Robin Hood and his band of good-hearted outlaws are vividly brought to life in this action-packed picture strip story. The fast-paced plot and Matteo Pincelli’s dynamic illustrations are sure to captivate young readers.

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Football School 2, by Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton, illustrated by Spike Gerrell, published by Walker Books  

This book is packed with awesome true stories, real science and fascinating facts and will make you laugh loads – and it’s all about football. What is a vomitory? When do footballers wee? Where do goalkeepers let in chickens? When did women start playing football? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in chapters on subjects such as biology, maths and history. Illustrated throughout with hilarious cartoons and filled with laugh-out-loud gags this is the perfect book for any boy or girl who loves football.

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