Celebrating National Non-Fiction November 2017

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National Non-Fiction November provides a great opportunity to promote reading non-fiction for pleasure, to allow young readers to indulge in their fascination for facts and to celebrate the breadth, depth and richness of non-fiction writing, illustrating and publishing for children and young people.

We are celebrating #NNFN this month by reading some great new non-fiction reads. From picture books about counting to tech-books on coding, history books and personal memoirs, our list shows the variety of books published under this broad and exciting banner. This year’s theme is The World Around Us, and our first book is all about investigating our natural surroundings…

To find out more about National Non-Fiction November, read our post or visit their website here. You can also enter our amazing non-fiction bundle competition (closing date 30th November).

For readers 0-5

Lift-the-flap: Questions & Answers about Nature, published by Usborne

This delightful book answers all kinds of questions about nature. Why do spiders make webs? Where do clouds come from? And how many leaves does a tree have? Lift the flaps to find out which, where, why, what, how and who.

Opposite Things and Counting Things, by Anna Kovecses, published by Wide Eyed Editions

Teach your child opposites and help them learn to count with Little Mouse in these cute lift-the-flap board books. A follow up to the popular One Thousand Things, these are new first concept board books in the Little Mouse series, with a large lift-flap on every page. A stylish way to reinforce key skills.

Born in Hungary, young, dynamic illustrator Anna Kovecses lives and works in Cyprus. Her work marries contemporary minimalism with an appealing retro-modern illustration style.

The Incredible Fold-Out Book of Animals, published by DK

An extraordinary animal book which folds out to reveal fascinating facts and stunning action-packed photos.

Bite-sized facts and beautiful illustrations combine to give a delightful introduction to wild friends both old and new, including pouncing tigers, gigantic elephants, leaping orca, colourful chameleons, chattering toucans and cheeky orangutans. The Incredible Fold-Out Book of Animals encourages children to learn about some of the world’s most incredible creatures with big flaps, amazing photos and cool facts!

My animal book and My head-to-toe body book, by OKIDO, published by Thames & Hudson

 These popular OKIDO books, now in paperback, take an energetic, bold and contemporary approach to the scientific topics of the animal world and the human body for young children aged 4+ to enjoy.

My head-to-toe body book is a look at the body inside and out. The book asks many questions and encourages children to find the answers. How many teeth do you have? What happens to the food you eat? How do you wee? A little girl called Koko asks questions to make children think about the body, while three intrepid explorers go on adventures to find out what makes it work. Children investigate each topic by playing and learning – the book is packed with things to do on and off the page, including games, recipes and craft activities.

In My animal book there’s a big surprise: a human being is an animal! Then come all kinds of questions and activities to encourage children to think about where different animals live, what they eat and how they have families. The reader will meet Koko again who will help them think about animals and make comparisons with their own lives, while the three explorers go on another adventure to a variety of places to find out about different species.

Original, imaginative and lots of fun, My head-to-toe body book and My animal book take a hands-on approach to learning about science.

For readers 5-8

A Child Through Time, published by DK

History books often focus on adults, but what was the past like for children?

From early civilisations through to the modern era, A Child Through Time is a highly original look at history for kids. Discover what life was like for Egyptian, Viking, Tudor and Cold War children, see the toys they played with and the food they ate in this fascinating book, jam-packed with historical facts and illustrations that bring the children to life.

With profiles of real children from different time periods, children will learn more than ever about the real life Pocahontas, Marie Antoinette and even Anne Frank. Delve into the historic moments they witnessed and get a real insight into how they would have looked. A Child Through Time is perfect for kids looking to discover how their lives could have been.

Three Cheers for Women! by Marcia Williams, published by Walker

Join Marcia Williams as she celebrates incredible women from around the world and throughout history. From writers to warriors and astronauts to activists, discover their awesome stories and be amazed by their achievements. Featuring Cleopatra, Boudicca, Joan of Arc, Elizabeth I, Mary Wollstonecraft, Jane Austen, Florence Nightingale, Marie Curie, Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, Wangari Maathai, Mae C. Jemison, Cathy Freeman and Malala, and packed with facts, quotes and jokes – hip, hip, hooray!

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What’s it like in space?, published by Usborne

A charming, interactive introduction to space, exploring not just what’s in space, but what it would be like to actually visit. Find out what you can hear, see and eat, and what living on Mars would really be like.

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For readers 8-12

StarFinder for Beginners, published by DK

With a foreword by Maggie Aderin-Pocock, budding astronomers will love this stunning, new approach to stargazing, featuring step-by-step guides to identifying the key constellations across the northern hemisphere, StarFinder for Beginners makes the night sky easier to navigate than ever before.

From discovering the constellations of the Zodiac to learning about the real-life Milky Way, StarFinder for Beginners will take kids on an exciting journey through the night sky. This simplest-ever guide to star hopping uses easy-to-spot stars to create a route around the night sky’s most famous constellations.

StarFinder for Beginners comes complete with a glow-in-the-dark night-sky viewer, perfect for any budding stargazers to practice their new knowledge of the stars.

Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures, by Emily Hawkins, illustrated by Lucy Letherland, published by Wide Eyed Editions

From the team behind the best-selling Atlas of Adventures comes the biggest adventure yet – a trip back in time to meet the dinosaurs!

Emily Hawkins is a writer and editor of children’s books for all ages. She wrote the New York Times bestseller Oceanology, as well as several other titles in the Ology series, which has sold over 16 million copies worldwide. She holds a first-class English degree from Nottingham University, and now lives in Winchester with her young family.

Lucy Letherland is an illustrator based in London, UK.  She graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2011 with a First Class BA (Hons) in illustration with animation. Lucy’s work is strongly led by humour and narrative, creating a playful, graphic quality. Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures is Lucy’s third book for children.

Goal! published by DK

Be a football genius with this goal-scoring guide to the beautiful game. Packed with vital tips and tricks, as well as astounding, mind-boggling stats, from the origins of football to the FIFA World Cup, Goal! is a vibrant, visual guide to everything you need to know about the world’s most popular game.

Amazing CGI images show you everything from fouls to free kicks and everything in between. Who is the greatest striker ever to play football? How do you do the Cruyff turn? Where is the perfect place is to put a penalty? How far do players run during a match? Goal! doesn’t just tell you the answers – it shows you.

Ask an Astronaut by Tim Peake, published by Century

The new book from astronaut Tim Peake, the number one bestselling author of Hello, is this planet Earth?

How does it feel to orbit the earth ten times faster than a speeding bullet? What’s it like to eat, sleep and go to the toilet in space? And where to next – the Moon, Mars or beyond?

Ask an Astronaut is Tim’s personal guide to life in space, based on his historic Principia mission, and the thousands of questions he has been asked since his return to Earth.

The public were invited to submit questions using the hashtag #askanastronaut, and a selection of those questions are answered by Tim in the book, which will be accompanied with illustrations, diagrams and never-before-seen photos.

Tim is pleased to announce that, as with his previous book, royalties received from the book will be donated to The Prince’s Trust.

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For readers 12+

Be Cool Be Nice, published by Studio Press

Be Cool Be Nice® (BCBN) is not just a book . . . it is mandatory reading for boys and girls, men and women, and anyone with a smartphone.

Be Cool Be Nice launched with Willow Smith and Kendall Jenner on the covers of Garage magazine in an unprecedented Snapchat collaboration. Be Cool Be Nice beautifully advocates kindness, good manners and civility and encourages us all to interact and use social media in a positive way so we ‘check it before we wreck it.’

‘I aim to treat others as I want to be treated.’ – Kendall Jenner on the Be Cool Be Nice campaign

The official Be Cool Be Nice book is for people who:

Deal with drama. Have experienced bullying. Suffer from selfie addiction. Experience Chronic Bad Attitude Syndrome (CBAS). Have goals (squad or otherwise).

Part journal, part interactive manual, and part friend, Be Cool Be Nice is as beneficial as it is beautiful. Sharing values that will last a lifetime, this book bridges the gap between adult and child and conveys a timeless message through its beautiful artwork, motivational advice, and positive affirmations. Its clever activity pages encourage the reader to reflect and learn, and the illustrations, stickers, and postcards are the work of design legends including Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Marc Newson, Pat McGrath and so many more.

This book is a starter pack for a positive life, online and offline.

Star Wars Coding Projects, published by DK

Learn to code in Scratch with C-3P0 and your favourite Star Wars™ characters!

Star Wars Coding Projects is a step-by-step visual guide to coding fun projects in Scratch and shows you everything you need to know to create cool computer projects, animations, and games. Create your own customised sprites and use them in your projects. Build your own characters, navigate a spaceship through an asteroid belt, and go on a jetpack adventure.

Learn essential Scratch coding skills, share your projects with friends, and challenge them to beat your scores. Each project consists of simple, numbered steps that are fully illustrated and easy to follow, with inspiration from Star Wars. Coding games have never been so easy or fun.

Trans Mission by Alex Bertie, published by Wren & Rook

I guess we should start at the beginning. I was born on 2 November 1995. The doctors in the hospital took one look at my genitals and slapped an F on my birth certificate. ‘F’ for female, not fail – though that would actually have been kind of appropriate given present circumstances.

When I was 15, I realised I was a transgender man. That makes it sound like I suddenly had some kind of lightbulb moment. In reality, coming to grips with my identity has taken a long time.

Over the last six years, I’ve come out to my family and friends, changed my name, battled the healthcare system, started taking male hormones and have had surgery on my chest. My quest to a beard is almost complete. This is my story.

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A Galaxy of Her Own by Libby Jackson, published by Century

From small steps to giant leaps, A Galaxy of Her Own tells fifty stories of inspirational women who have been fundamental to the story of humans in space, from scientists to astronauts to some surprising roles in between.

From Ada Lovelace in the nineteenth century, to the women behind the Apollo missions, from the astronauts breaking records on the International Space Station to those blazing the way in the race to get to Mars, A Galaxy of Her Own reveals extraordinary stories, champions unsung heroes and celebrates remarkable achievements from around the world.

Written by Libby Jackson, a leading UK expert in human space flight, and illustrated with bold and beautiful artwork from the students of London College of Communication, this is a book to delight and inspire trailblazers of all ages.

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