Christmas Poem Competition winners 5-8

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We were so overwhelmed by the amount and quality of the entries to our Christmas poetry competition that it was very hard to choose winners… so hard in fact that we decided to have 4 runners-up instead of 2! Each poem had something really great about it, whether that was excellent rhyming, an ingenious metaphor or a great sense of humour.  Thank you all for sharing your wonderful poems with us, and for making us feel incredibly festive in the run-up to Christmas!

Our favourite poem in the 5-8 category, though, was unique, inventive and witty, so a big congratulations to William Morgan! The three lucky winners will each receive a £25 National Book Token gift card in a special festive design. You can read William’s poem and the runners-up below, the 9-12 winners here and the 13+ winners here.

Mystery Clock by William Morgan
My Mystery clock I found under my bed.
Yellow was its face,
Super Old it was.
Tick tock it starts on Christmas Eve,
Exactly the same time at noon.
Rudolph hears it every year.
Yesterday it didn’t work but today, its Christmas Eve.
Clock goes Tick tock.
Look at the clock” says Fred, my brother.
Oh its nearly here, Christmas.
Christmas is my favourite time of year.
Keep up” I tell the clock “we have presents to open!”


The Art Lesson by Flynn Alexander Hampson
Teacher said, “Now children, we’re making a Christmas card,”
I felt a little worried, it sounded very hard,
We needed lots of glitter and paints and pens and glue,
And brightly coloured paper and cotton wool balls too,
The children were excited because it really did sound fun,
And everyone likes making things for their mum,
So the children got their paints and sat in their work places,
And started gluing glitter to their cards and fingers and faces!
Most people made a Christmas tree that looked more like a bush,
But I made a cheeky, naughty elf with a beard made of fluff,
Teacher looked quite cross because the mess was really bad,
But mum said it was the greatest card she’d ever ever had.

Christmas Happiness by Elizabeth Marshall
When it’s very cold, with a glint of hope in the air,
You can barely see through the snowy glare
The streets covered in sparkly light
While Rudolph comes out to play with the other reindeer.
It’s nearly midnight
When in your dreams you hear
The galloping hooves of Prancer and Dancer
Taking off from the ground.
And the snowflakes shimmer
While everyone is sleeping safe and sound.
A Ho-Ho-Ho, quiet but jolly
And Santa delivers Happiness under the tree.

Rose Alys Shepherd’s Christmas poem
The stars will twinkle all night long,
As we sing our Christmas song,
As our chant reaches the sky,
Santa flies by.
He’s giving us our presents.
There’s one for you and one for me.
An angel on the top,
A bauble on each branch,
Lots of tinsel sparkling,
My perfect Christmas tree.
Presents underneath,
There’s one for you and one for me.

Jasmine Sharpless’ Christmas poem
Putting up the Christmas tree,
Christmas adverts on TV.
Children’s faces filled with glee,
The favourite time of year for me.

Biting down on my mince pie,
I look up into the sky,
Was that Santa who just flew by
among the clouds and stars so high?

Christmas Day is finally here,
A day that’s filled with joy and cheer.
Grownups drinking wine and beer,
Can’t wait to do it all again next year.