Christmas poem competition winners 9-12

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We were so overwhelmed by the amount and quality of the entries to our Christmas poetry competition that it was very hard to choose winners… so hard in fact that we decided to have 4 runners-up instead of 2! Each poem had something really great about it, whether that was expert rhyming, an ingenious metaphor or a great sense of humour. Thank you all for sharing your wonderful poems with us, and for making us feel incredibly festive in the run-up to Christmas!

We had a huge amount of entries to the 9-12 category so it was exceptionally hard to choose our top 5. However our favourite poem in the 9-12 category was brilliantly written, perceptive and poignant, quietly capturing a special Christmas moment. So congratulations to Eddie Adams! The three lucky winners will each receive a £25 National Book Token gift card in a special festive design. You can read Eddie’s poem and the runners-up below, the 5-8 winners here and the 13+ winners here.

Christmas In The Wood by Eddie Adams
As the cold wind scythes through the grass,
The animals of the wood congregate.
Around the tall oak, they tell their stories.
Robin took flight and saw a shining new star,
While Fox caught a passing glimpse of Balthazar.
Mouse, from his den, saw the camel’s weary hooves.
While deer had a look at the shepherds as they moved.
But perhaps Crow saw the greatest thing of all,
The baby Lord Jesus lying in a stall.
And though they’d never seen each other,
Until that winter’s day,
They believed all they heard and they believed all they’d say.


Christmas Cat-astrophy by Raffiella Chapman
I awake from my nap on the 1st of December, this will be a day to remember,
Branches to strip, needles to bat, it’s just so much fun, being a cat!

I sneak to the front room all casually, but I smell no pine needles,
Oh no, could it be? My family bought a FAKE Christmas Tree!
I get so angry! I go off in a huff, I’ll get revenge, you’ll see soon enough!

On Christmas Eve, all sly and cheeky,
I creep to the kitchen and get fur on the turkey!
I pilfer the pudding and the Yule Log too, I slurp up the soup,
Happy Christmas to you!

I chomp all the cheese, I nap on the cake, I lick up the jam, what a mess I make!
They’ll learn their lesson, when they come in here,
Christmas shouldn’t be fake, it’s a real tree next year!

364 Days in the Waiting… by Harry McPherson
Mum in the kitchen, slaving away,
Me and my bro devour Celebrations in record time,
Dad agitates mum, ‘The turkey was begging me to try it!’
The babble of Del Boy in the background.
A light snore from the corner,
Granny in the chocolate brown armchair again,
We are all hanging on for the shout..
Crackers crack and hats are on,
Serving spoons fly across the table, unseen for the rest of the year.
Carrots, parsnips, sprouts, all are in high demand.
Once a year but always worth it.

The Short Life of a Snowflake by Noah Hasan
On Christmas I fluttered to a stop,
And alighted on the baker’s shop.
As I lay there, day by day,
I heard some curious children say,
See that little flake of snow,
I wonder when he’s going to go.
As I pondered what they meant,
I suddenly caught a heavenly scent.
Such was the smell of hot, baking bread…
But then at last a tear I shed,
As I exclaimed in great dismay,
Alas! Oh No! I’m melting away!

Stir-up Sunday by Alice Gurney
Hurrah the Christmas countdown starts,
The last Sunday before Advent is here at last!
This is the day the pudding is made,
When the first steps to Christmas are finally laid.

Out come the bowls, weighing scales and spoons,
We put on the radio for some Christmas tunes.
The aprons are tied, the ingredients are bought,
I’ve dug out the recipe that Grandma taught.

Sugar, sultanas, nuts, brandy and more
Taking care not to drop any on the floor!
Add the coin, everyone stir,
There is nothing more delicious that I prefer.