Fantastic Ways to Celebrate Harry Potter Book Night

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Harry Potter Night is finally upon us, the perfect excuse to read or re-read the books (as if you’ve ever needed one…), dust off your cloaks and wands, and celebrate the fantastical, magical, inimitable universe of Harry Potter! Bloomsbury have a whole host of ways to celebrate on their website, from an Activity Archive packed with games, to a map of events taking place across the UK, and not one but two competitions with excellent prizes: tickets to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London and a ‘Professor of Potter’ Book Festival event for your school, as well as selection of books for the library.

Don’t forget that Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is on our poll of the top 100 stories to share! The vote is now closed but find out how it fared on World Book Day 2018 only one month from today, and join in with our Share a Story theme this year by tweeting your favourite Harry Potter quote. This year’s theme is Fantastic Beasts!