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In the Mouth of the Wolf, by Michael Morpurgo, illustrated by Barroux, published by Egmont

A great way of introducing young readers to the realities of World War Two, Michael Morpurgo’s wonderful storytelling and Barroux’s stunning artwork combine to tell the true story of Michael’s uncles during the war.

Francis and Pieter are brothers. As shadow of one war lingers, and the rumbles of another approach, the brothers argue. Francis is a fierce pacifist, while Pieter signs up to fight. What happens next will change the course of Francis’s life forever . . . and throw him into the mouth of the wolf.

The Colour of the Sun, by David Almond, published by Hachette

 “The day is long, the world is wide, you’re young and free.”

One hot summer morning, Davie steps boldly out of his front door. The world he enters is very familiar – the little Tyneside town that has always been his home – but as the day passes, it becomes ever more mysterious.

A boy has been killed, and Davie thinks he might know who is responsible. He turns away from the gossip and excitement and sets off roaming towards the sunlit hills above the town.

As the day goes on, the real and the imaginary start to merge, and Davie knows that neither he nor his world will ever be the same again.

Spangles McNasty and the Diamond Skull, by Steve Webb, illustrated by Chris Mould, published by Andersen Press

Spangles McNasty is a right horrid scallywag who likes to do yucky things, like eat cold chips out of bins and fart in libraries. So it’s no surprise that when the legendary Diamond Skull pirate hat is put on show at Bitterly Bay Museum, Spangles and his best friend Sausage-face Pete plan to get their thieving fingers on it. But they haven’t reckoned on local boy Freddie Taylor and his cunning plan to mix things up with a clever hat trick…

Splat the Fake Fact by Adam Frost, published by Bloomsbury

Some incorrect facts have escaped from author Adam Frost’s imagination into this book…Can you figure out which fact is untrue in a sea of brilliantly weird, wonderful and unusual facts? Once you find them make sure you SPLAT them, lasso them, doodle on them – and reveal them as an imposter facts before they go out into the world!

Can you guess which of these facts is NOT true?

Woodlice have blue blood.
Dead cabbage café is the name of a band.
King Edward III banned football in England.
You swallow about one litre of snot a day! (That’s roughly five skips FULL of snot, swallowed during your lifetime.)
When glass snakes are attacked, their tail shatters into little pieces – these pieces jump around and distract the predator… while the rest of the snake escapes!

Hunt for fascinating facts and use your detective skills to uncover the untrue ‘fact’. With hilarious illustrations from the brilliant Gemma Correll, you’ll need all your brains to uncover the false fact: can you ‘squash’ the made-up bug fact, decipher hieroglyphics, and join the stars in a night-time sky to find all the answers? Put your skills to the test as you Splat the Fact!

The Bacteria Book, by Steve Mould, published by DK

Meet the bacteria, viruses, and other germs and microbes that are all around, but too small for us to see. Learn how they keep us and our world running. The Bacteria Book is a fun and informative introduction to a STEAM subject that brings kids up-close with the big world of tiny science. With remarkable photography, kooky character illustrations, and lots of fun facts that toe the line between “ew!” and “oh!”, it’s the only book on microbiology young scientists won’t want to put down.

Ella On The Outside, by Cath Howe, published by Nosy Crow

A stunningly realised debut with an incredibly authentic voice and a gripping premise – compelling, accessible fiction for 9+ year olds. With real psychological depth and drama, and hugely believable relationships, it’s perfect for fans of Jacqueline Wilson and Cathy Cassidy.

Ella is the new girl at school.  She doesn’t know anyone and she doesn’t have any friends. And she has a terrible secret. Ella can’t believe her luck when Lydia, the most popular girl at school, decides to be her new best friend – but what does Lydia really want? And what does it all have to do with Molly, the quiet, shy girl who won’t talk to anyone? A gripping story of secrets, lies, and blackmail…

The Breadwinner Graphic Novel, by Deborah Ellis, published by OUP

This beautiful graphic-novel adaptation of The Breadwinner animated film tells the story of eleven-year-old Parvana who must disguise herself as a boy to support her family during the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan. Deborah Ellis’s original novel, The Breadwinner, has been an international bestseller for more than 15 years.

People of Peace, by Sandrine Mirza, illustrated by Le Duo, published by Wide Eyed Editions

Discover human rights heroes both past and present in this handsome collection of 40 incredible people who dedicated their lives to making the world a better place. This fascinating fact-file covers philosophers and artists, activists and politicians, students and athletes and many more campaigners from all walks of life and from all over the world! Also in the series: Fantastic Footballers, Music Legends, and Greek Gods & Heroes.

Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach Sticker Activity Book, published by Puffin

Meet James, his fascinating creepy-crawly friends and their amazing GIANT PEACH in this action-packed sticker activity book! Use your stickers to explore their unbelievable hideout and head off on a fantastic adventure full of puzzles and activities. Let your imagination run wild!