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[New books in August for 5-8, 8-12, 12+]

Anna and Otis, by Maisie Paradise Shearring, published by Two Hoots

A sweet and quirky picture story book about being kind and overcoming prejudice by award-winning Maisie Paradise Shearring. Will people ever learn to accept a snake as a friend?

Anna and Otis the snake are great friends and they love having fun together. But Otis knows people are scared of snakes, so he usually just plays at home or in the garden. He is nervous when Anna suggests a new adventure.

At first people are afraid, and Otis feels he isn’t welcome in the town. But Anna encourages Otis not to give up, and it soon turns out that maybe snakes aren’t as scary as people thought! The hairdresser enjoys shampooing a reptile for a change, and at the skate shop Sally has a lot of fun fitting Otis with his own set of awesome wheels.

Anna and Otis is a hugely endearing, very funny story about overcoming fears and making friends from Bologna International Illustration Award-winning illustrator Maisie Paradise Shearring. Full of endless rich details to spot, Maisie’s artwork is a treat to pore over.

100 Dogs, by Michael Whaite, published by Puffin

Small dog, tall dog, playing with a ball dog, big dog, dig dog burying a bone . . .

Can there really be 100 dogs doing 100 doggy things packed into the pages of this picture book?

Follow the bouncy rhyme as it weaves its way through an array of hilarious hounds (from petted pugs to silly sausage dogs) and find out . . .

This silly celebration of dogs is bursting with funny details to spot and crazy, characterful dogs to fall in love with – a bark-aloud book to return time and again.

Girls Can Do Anything, by Caryl Hart, illustrated by Ali Pye, published by Scholastic

Girls come in all different colours and sizes.

They delight and amaze us.
They’re full of surprises.
Girls can do anything they want to do.
And if YOU are a girl…
You can do these things too!

Do you want to climb a mountain? Drive a fire engine? Become prime minister? Join the girls in the pages of this book to see the incredible things they do every day—and find out what YOU might like to do too!

With gorgeous illustrations from Ali Pye, this is an empowering picture book about dreaming big!

One Shoe, Two Shoes, by Caryl Hart, illustrated by Edward Underwoord, published by Bloomsbury

Shoes, shoes and more shoes … this book is bursting with them. From party shoes and flip-flops to cowboy boots and clogs, there’s a pair here to suit everyone. There’s even a shoe house for a little mouse!

Jolly, rhythmic text carries you playfully along in this delightfully stylish book that introduces colours and numbers in a gentle and fun way. Will appeal to adults and children alike.

Download the activity pack

How to Nab a Rabbit, by Claire Freedman and illustrated by Monika Filipina, published by Simon & Schuster Children’s

For hungry wolves, this book is a winner.
It shows you how to catch your dinner.
Love bunny pie and rabbit stew?
They’ll soon become your dream come true.

Full of foolproof tips, written by the Big Bad Wolf himself, this book is an essential guide for anyone looking to nab a rabbit. But make sure you keep an eye out for bears, springs with too much hop, and, of course, your own traps

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Clap Hands: Here Come The Unicorns, by Pat-a-Cake and Hilli Kushnir

Clap hands and play with this range of exciting toddler touch-and-feel books!

Here Come the Unicorns is a playful touch-and-feel book, full of energy, fun and of course, lots of cute unicorn friends! Toddlers will laugh, shout, clap their hands and join in the fun as the simple text encourages them to point, count, match and talk about the friendly, sparkly pals playing on every page. With textures to feel on every page and a fun matching game at the end, everyone will want to clap hands for the unicorns!

Sorrel and the Sleepover, by Corrinne Averiss & Susan Varley, published by Andersen Press

Squirrels Sage and Sorrel are just the same: the like the same games, sing the same songs and say the same things at the same time. They even have the same stripe on their tails! But when Sage invites her friend for a sleepover, Sorrel discovers they aren’t the same at all – while Sage has a huge family and an even bigger treehouse home, Sorrel lives with her mum in a tiny tree. Sorrel must hide how different she is, otherwise Sage won’t be her friend, will she?

A clever exploration of what it’s like to be friends when your home lives are very different, illustrated by the creator of Badger’s Parting Gifts.

Happy Birthday Boris, Sam Lloyd – Templar Publishing

Boris – the orange, hairy and over-enthusiastic little monster – has a birthday! Use the puppet to help Boris blow out the candles on his cake, open his presents and sing Happy Birthday.

Another brilliant sequel to the best-selling Calm Down, Boris!

Franklin’s Flying Bookshop, by Jen Campbell & Katie Harnett, published by Thames & Hudson

Franklin the dragon loves stories and loves reading stories to people too, but everyone is too scared to even look at him. One day he meets a girl named Luna who, far from being scared, is fascinated to meet Franklin, having recently read all about dragons in one of her books. They instantly become friends and talk non-stop about what they’ve read: books about roller-skating, King Arthur, spiders and how to do kung fu. Together, they hatch a plan to share their love of books with others by opening a bookshop – a flying bookshop, that is – right on Franklin’s back!

Let’s Make Great Projects, published by DK

This exciting children’s book of things to make and do is full of arts and crafts and facts about school subjects. Covering everything from the So

lar System to Ancient Egypt, you’ll never be stuck for an activity, craft, or project idea again. Let’s Make Great Projects features 25 ideas to inspire creative play and help with school projects.

Mr. Men Walter the Worm, by Roger Hargreaves, published by Egmont

Walter, the Mr. Men worm, has now got his very own story!

Not any old story, but a story all about Walter. No Mr. Men to cramp his style, or Little Miss to take the attention. But a story all about Walter the Worm – and the early bird of course!

The Mr. Men and Little Miss have been delighting children for generations with their charming and funny antics. Bold illustrations and funny stories make Mr. Men and Little Miss the perfect story time experience for children aged two up.

Coco Chanel, My First Coco Chanel by Isabel Sanchez Vegara and Illustrated by Ana Albero, published by Lincoln Children’s Books

Now in board book! Introduce your littlest one to Coco Chanel, the world’s most famous fashion designer. Told in simpler sentences, this young reader edition of the best-selling series is perfect to read out loud to little dreamers. This empowering series celebrates the important life stories of wonderful women of the world – and is now in available in a board format for little hands! Providing a powerful message to inspire the next generation of outstanding people who will change the world!

 Mª ISABEL SÃNCHEZ VERGARA, born in Barcelona, Spain, is a writer and creative director in constant search of new concepts for children’s books. ANA ALBERO was born in Alicante, Spain and is also the illustrator of The People Awards, also publishing this month.

Also publishing this month: Frida Kahlo, My First Frida Kahlo

Alfie at Nursery School, by Shirley Hughes, published by B. Head Child

Alfie loves Nursery School – and so does Annie Rose! She can’t wait to go there with him – in fact she’s so desperate to join in that she gets Alfie into a very sticky situation in this collection of nursery school tales. Join Alfie as he navigates playground games and special concerts in this heartwarming book from Shirley Hughes, creator of Dogger.

Enter our competition to win a copy (closes 6th September 2018).

I Am A Little Fish: A Finger Puppet Book, by Lucy Cousins, published by Walker Books

Time to splish, splosh and splash in the deep, deep sea with Little Fish and his fishy friends! Dip, dive and swim along to the rhyming text and delightful underwater illustrations, with a colourful finger puppet and peek-a-boo holes on every page. This introduction to Lucy Cousin’s Little Fish character is a perfect first interactive reading experience for little ones.

Look and Find in the Forest, published by Usborne

A wonderfully illustrated puzzle book teeming with all kinds of forest creatures to spot, count and match. Find a fox with a frying pan, a squirrel on a swing and many more eye-catching challenges. The intricate illustrations make these seemingly simple puzzles a lot harder than you might think!

Enter our competition to win a copy (closes on 31st August 2018)