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Turn Off, Live On: Wren & Rook obtains guide to help children switch offline

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Wren & Rook, the trade non-fiction imprint of Hachette Children’s Group, has acquired Vincent Vincent’s Turn Off, Live On, a topical guide that aims to get children off their devices and away from their screens.

Everyone knows someone who is guilty of using their phone too much – and at the same time, there’s a lot of focus on the negative consequences of too much screen time. This is a fun book that aims to encourage a sensible approach to tech-use while boosting confidence, giving advice on relaxation and stimulating creativity. Full of tips for turning off, this light-hearted guide will aim to remedy the effects of a surfeit of screen time with confidence builders, relaxation techniques, puzzles and brain games. All designed to help empower children to manage their online life and remedy the consequences of too much screen time.

Publishing on 10 January 2019  to chime with New Year’s Resolutions, this diary-format paperback is for readers aged 9-11 years old. Empowering and encouraging, this is not a book telling children to get off their phones. Used correctly phones can be an important part of modern life – but sometimes we all need some time off.

Laura Horsley, Senior Editor, says, ‘We all have a young tech addict in our life – and are probably guilty of spending too much time on our phones, too. I am therefore delighted to be publishing Vincent’s brilliant digital detox book, which is great fun while feeling timely and necessary’

Vincent Vincent added, ‘Everyone is so caught up in screen time these days, I wanted to write a book to help people take a break from it and get inspired. Turn Off, Live On is a reminder that we don’t need technology to be happy, in fact taking time away from it is what makes us happy. The exercises in this book are designed to help the reader think creatively, challenge themselves and become more present and self-aware. There’s so much hustle and bustle in our lives, this is a fun way to step back from our screens and tune into the here and now.’