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Take a sneak peek inside the 2019 £1 books!

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We’re very excited to be working with Nielsen Book again and using their brilliant ‘look inside’ feature on our website, which means that you can have an exclusive sneak peek of a few pages of each of the £1 World Book Day titles, to help you choose which book you want in exchange for your £1 World Book Day token.

For instance, take a look at Lauren Child’s Hubert Horatio – A Very Fishy Tale, by clicking on the image below:

This feature is called Book2Look and has been made possible by the lovely people at Nielsen Book, who provide a unique range of services enabling books to be discovered by book buyers everywhere. Nielsen Book also plays a very important role in the book industry enabling information to flow seamlessly from publisher to bookseller and libraries, enabling book buyers and readers to find and enjoy the books they like.

You can find all 12 of this year’s £1 books below. Enjoy!