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Your brilliant stories from National Storytelling Week

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We hope you had a fantastic time this National Storytelling Week  filled to the brim with reading and sharing stories. We asked you to get creative and complete the below opening sentence for us and you certainly did! We loved reading all of the fantastic responses you came up with and have included some of the submissions we received below. Remember, stories can be found everywhere and storytelling can happen anywhere and at any time!

It was 10pm when I heard it, a loud bang followed by a whoosh in the garden. I opened the window and gasped. It was…

– Maisie, Gorsey Bank 

– Chloe, Gorsey Bank

– Bella, aged 7                                                               






“It was Willow our Reading Rabbit. He just couldn’t resist a new book & had found the Book Box,setting off the alarm outside.”                                – Millbrook Primary School








“We tried this task with a twist at book club his week – we continued the story in the style of a famous author”
(pictured above)
– Strathearn Library

“It was a strange, luminous glow coming from deep inside a huge crater which had suddenly appeared in the ground. Mechanically I moved towards the door, opened it and, holding my breath, took my first faltering, tentative step towards the light.”
Ms Logan

“It was a mighty obsidian monster with green intimidating eyes and vicious claws, waiting for its next victim…”
Pupil, St Norbert’s Primary

“a smouldering spacecraft. Flames licked it’s silvery sides and as the doors opened my mouth fell agape. The figure that could be seen clambering out of the small ship was me! I looked down at them in amazement and they glanced up at me in shock. Something was very wrong here…”
 TH Learning Lounge

“.. winter and with the snow laying thick on the ground, that sound could only mean one thing. The Gnome Winter Games was kicking off and this year would be the year I won that cup!”
The Little Readers

“An enormous purple dragon that had been blown off course whilst migrating north for the winter.”
Jacqueline Harris

“…the neighbourhood gang of raccoons wreaking havoc on our gardens, however, my intentionally well placed sprinkle system kept them at bay from another night of looting.”
– Nikki Bergstresser

“Mid-summer but the blast of cold night air made the hairs on my whole body stand on end. The creature uncurled from where it had landed in the centre of my mothers rose plot. With its huge eyes it fixed its stare upon me…”
Tasha Latham

“It was a huge, malicious, green-looking person with a big black bag filled with our world and the beautiful nature and houses…It was the end of the world”
– Pupil, St Norbert’s Primary

“…dark but an eerie green light glowed between the trees at the bottom of the garden. I watched the light flicker and then fade…”
– Bx

“…the snow haired hermit scientist from next door, standing in a cloud of smoke wearing nothing but a maniacal grin.”
– Elaine Hutton

“… Mrs Mangle, our ancient next-door neighbour whizzing through the air on her hoover and waving a flag high above her head which read ‘Next stop, Mars!'”
– Ally Sherrick

“A beautiful dog in the darkest point in the garden. I tucked him in. He was so quiet.”
– Pupil, St Norbert’s Primary