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This month we’re celebrating the 50thanniversary of the first humans landing on the Moon. NASA’s Apollo 11 lunar mission touched down – after dodging a lunar crater and boulder field – on the 20thJuly 1969. Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin explored the area around their lunar landing site for more than two hours. They collected soil and rock samples, set up experiments, planted an American flag, and left behind a plaque saying, “We came in peace for all mankind.”

Read on for our selection of the best books all about space travel, astronauts and our magnificent Moon. Scroll down for ages 5-8, 8-12 and 12+.

For ages 0-5


Balloon to the Moon by Gill Arbuthnott, published by Bonnier

A beautifully illustrated book about the human journey to space that marks the 50th year anniversary of the moon landing.

Balloon to the Moon tells the story of the first people to experience controlled flight and leads to Neil Armstrong’s small steps and beyond. This book will take children on a journey from the great innovations of the past to the exciting future of space exploration. From early attempts at flight to animals in space, this book will inspire and fascinate young, curious readers.


Suzy Orbit, Astronaut by Ruth Quayle and Jez Tuya, published by Nosy Crow

A quirky, humorous tale that shows how determination and resourcefulness can save the day. When Suzy Orbit and her boss, Captain Gizmo, hear that aliens have been spotted near their space station, they must act fast! But Captain Gizmo has no batteries for his space pod, his swanky new spacesuit is far too small, and there’s no chance of ordering a meteor blaster in time. Luckily, Suzy Orbit – astronaut and engineer extraordinaire – is on hand with her spanner and brilliant inventing skills. Suzy knows that a bit of quick thinking and ingenuity are even better than ordering new stuff. . . if only Captain Gizmo will listen!


Rocketmole by Matt Carr, published by Scholastic

Armstrong the mole is fed up with living underground. His friends think building a rocket to visit the moon is an astronomically bad idea, but Armstrong is a mole on a mission. On the moon, Armstrong bounces around in his space suit, but soon starts to miss his cautious mole mates. How can a mole with big dreams combine adventure and friendship? A brave and bold new picture book by Matt Carr, perfectly timed for the 50th moon landing anniversary.


Pop-up Peekaboo! Space, published by DK

Take your toddler on a pop-up, space rocket adventure, and fly to the Moon in this lift-the-flap baby book with pictures that pop off the page! This imaginative pop-up peekaboo picture book follows two little astronauts, Daisy and Danny, who are rocketing into space, past the stars and planets, and heading for their first Moon landing.

The lively, read-aloud rhymes encourage literacy and early learning, while the pop-up space scenes hold the attention of curious preschoolers.


Franklin and Luna go to the Moon by Jen Campbell and Katie Harnett, published by Thames & Hudson

Luna and her best friend, Franklin the dragon, love stories and want to visit all the places they’ve read about in books. But for all their reading they still don’t know where dragons come from. And Franklin is now so old – 605 to be exact – he can’t remember himself! They search high and low, but to no avail. Until one evening, Luna’s tortoise, Neil Armstrong, notices something far away in the sky… The three friends set out on their biggest adventure yet – all the way to the moon – in the hope of reuniting Franklin with his long lost family.


Scratch and Learn Space, written by Lucy Brownridge and illustrated by Victoria Fernandez, published by Wide-Eyed Editions

See space as never before, in this unique scratch and discover format. Every spread explores a different space theme. From building space rockets, to exploring our solar system, collecting moon rocks and whizzing through the asteroids – this is an appealing, interactive first introduction to space that kids will love.


What Is The Moon?, written by Katie Daynes and illustrated by Marta Alvarez Miguens, published by Usborne

What shape is the Moon? Has anyone been to the Moon? What’s the Moon made of? Curious little ones can blast off into the night sky to take a closer look in this fascinating book, with flaps to lift, simple explanations and gorgeous illustrations on every page. Published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing in 1969.


Peppa Pig: Peppa in Space, published by Penguin

It’s space day at playgroup and Peppa, George and their friends are learning all about the moon. The children are so excited when Madame Gazelle takes them to the space museum to learn how to be real astronauts!

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon and introduce space to your little piggies in this sparkly Peppa Pig picture book.


For ages 5-8


The Skies Above My Eyes, written by Charlotte Gullain and illustrated by Yuval Zommer, published by words&pictures

Have you ever looked up and wondered what’s going on high up in the skies above your eyes? Take a journey up into the air, through the atmosphere, way out into space and back down to Earth in this richly illustrated concertina book.
Zoom past the technology that fills our skies, from helicopters, fighter jets, weather balloons, to satellites, hang-gliders and hot-air balloons. Discover the insects and animals that whizz through the skies, explore the layers of the atmosphere, and travel through the solar system and out to the galaxies far beyond. The follow up to The Street Beneath My Feet, which dug down to the center of the Earth, this expansive concertina book opens out to an impressive 2.5 metres, perfect for inquisitive young minds.

How To Be an Astronaut and Other Space Jobs by Dr Sheila Kanani and Sol Linero, published by Nosy Crow

Do you have what it takes to become an astronaut, a spaceship engineer or to work at Mission Control? Find out all about space and all the incredible space jobs you could do, from training to be a space chef or designing spacesuits to searching for new planets we could live on, or even blasting into space and living in the International Space Station. This book will inspire anyone with an interest in science and space exploration.

Click here for our How To Be an Astronaut Space Quiz

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Pop-Up Moon, written by Anne Jankéliowitch and illustrated by Annabelle Buxton with paper engineering by Olivier Charbonnel, published by Thames & Hudson  

Open this book and discover the dazzling magic of the moon! Find out where it came from, why it seems to change shape, how its power affects the earth, and what causes an eclipse. Shoot into space with the Saturn V rocket and travel back in time to join the first men on the moon…


A Moon Girl Stole My Friend, written and illustrated by Rebecca Patterson, published by Andersen Press

It’s 2099. Lyla lives in a world of robocats, flying sweets and instant snow, but some things never change. Little brothers are still annoying, school teachers make you cringe and, when your best friend deserts you for the new girl, it still HURTS. Especially when that new girl is from the Moon. But Lyla’s problems lead her into unexpected adventures…


The Usborne Book Of The Moon, written by Laura Cowan and illustrated by Diana Toledano, published by Usborne

Welcome to the story of our Moon – a story of Moon dust and Moon rabbits, cheese and astronauts, deep thoughts and bold plans. Read, dream and wonder as you discover ancient legends about the Moon’s creation, meet the very first astronomers and learn about the Space Race. Published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing.


For ages 8-12


Destination: Space, written by Christoph Englert and illustrated by Tom Clohosy Cole, published by Wide-Eyed Editions

Shortlisted for the Blue Peter Prize! Journey through our local solar system and learn about everything you encounter with this physics-made-fun space book! Hop on board the space shuttle and get ready for the ride of your life as you explore deep space with your five fellow space cadets. This journey of discovery takes you through our local solar system and beyond, to galaxies far and wide. With every encounter learn more about the science behind the stars, planets, meteors and comets in our sky, and the history of our universe.


When We Walked on the Moon, written by David Long and illustrated by Sam Kalda, published by Wide-Eyed Editions

“When I first looked back at the Earth, standing on the surface of the Moon, I cried.” 
This book tells the story of the Apollo Missions, when incredible intelligence, engineering and bravery allowed humans to stand on the surface of something other than Earth for the very first time. From the 1969 first moon landing to the amazing rescue of Apollo 13, each chapter tells the story of a different mission.

Published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, this is the perfect title for any child who has ever looked up at the moon and wondered what it might be like to go there. 


The Race to Space, written by Clive Gifford and illustrated by Paul Daviz, published by words&pictures

You know that man has walked on the Moon, but do you know the story of how he got there? With the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing on 20th July 2019, this book celebrates the Space Race rivalry between the US and the Soviet Union. Readers will learn about the neck-and-neck race between the two superpowers, through an illustrated story of the rivalry that gripped the world. Explore, too, how these two space agencies now work together, and how the monumental achievements of the space race have created world-changing technology that we all use and benefit from today.


The Space Race by Sarah Cruddas, published by DK

Blast off alongside space expert Sarah Cruddas on a journey through space exploration history, from the Apollo Moon landings to mind-boggling plans for living on Mars.

How did we land on the Moon? What will the space jobs of the future look like? And why did we send a car to space? The Space Race answers all of the big questions that kids have about space travel.

Propelled by recent scientific discoveries and printed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, The Space Raceis an essential children’s handbook to understanding every aspect of the history, and future, of human space travel.


The Extraordinary Life of Neil Armstrong by Martin Howard, published by Penguin

One little boy who loved the idea of flying became the first person to set foot on the moon. On 20 July 1969 Neil Armstrong made history, his ‘giant leap for mankind’. From his childhood playing with model planes to becoming one of the most famous astronauts of all time, discover the incredible story of Neil Armstrong’s life in this beautifully illustrated book, complete with narrative biography, facts and timelines.


The Extraordinary Life of Katherine Johnson by Devika Jina, published by Penguin

In 1969 history was made when the first humans stepped on the moon. Back on earth, one woman was running the numbers that ensured they got there and back in one piece. As a child, Katherine Johnson loved maths. She went on to be one of the most important people in the history of space travel. Discover her incredible life story in this beautifully illustrated book complete with narrative biography, timelines and facts.


For age 12+


SuperSpace, published by DK

Bursting with fascinating facts and the latest breathtaking images, this space book for children brings the wonders of the Solar System to life. Find out about the never-ending storms on Jupiter. Learn about the towering volcanoes of Venus – all 1,600 of them – and see the Valles Marineris on Mars, a canyon that is ten times longer than Earth’s Grand Canyon.

Based on recent research and discoveries, SuperSpace showcases everything you need to know about the Universe – from the Big Bang to the formation of galaxies and planets as well as the technology used to explore it unimaginable depths.

SuperSpace brings the cosmos to life in a visually compelling and informative way, making it a must-have book for every budding space enthusiast.