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New books in August (ages 5-8)

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[Click here for new books for ages 0-5, 8-12, 12+]

How To Be Extraordinary by Rashmi Sirdeshpande, published by Penguin

Could you be EXTRAORDINARY? This book will inspire you with the real-life stories of extraordinary people, showcasing a total variety of personalities and talents. Whoever you are, and whoever you want to be, read about the extraordinary stories of these 15 people, and decide how YOU will be extraordinary too!

From around the world and throughout history, discover unsung heroes – and some well-known faces – brought to life with astonishing story-telling and illustration. Meet an artist, scientist, medic, environmentalist, musician, activist, writer, politician, and even a spy . . . above all, discover that there are MANY ways to be extraordinary and to make a real difference in the world.

Featuring the real-life stories of: Aeham Ahmad, David Attenborough, Mo Farah, Keiko Fukuda Sensei, Stephen Hawking, Frida Kahlo, Abdul Kalam, Judith Kerr, Wangari Maathai, Nelson Mandela, David Nott, Michelle Obama, Krystyna Skarbek, Alan Turing, and Sau Lan Wu.


The Truth Pixie Goes to School, written by Matt Haig and illustrated by Chris Mould, published by Canongate

New school. New friends. Same old pixie.
In this heartwarming adventure the Truth Pixie and her human friend go to school, face a bully and learn the importance of friendship and being yourself.

Click here for our Truth Pixie resource pack
Click here for Truth Pixie activity sheets


Hope by Sébastien Pelon and Corrinne Averiss, published by words & pictures

“Hope is keeping a light on, however dark things seem.” 

Comet is Finn’s dog, and his very best friend. They do everything together. But one day Comet won’t get out of his basket – not even for his very favourite things! The vet tells Finn that Comet needs to stay in overnight for an operation. That evening, Finn sits in his den feeling very alone. Dad tells him to keep on hoping. At night, as Finn sleeps, thousand of little lights appear in the sky, each one a hope from a different person in the world.

Emotional, funny and uplifting, this beautiful picture book is a pure delight from start to finish. A wonderful story that shows children not to give up hope when times are uncertain.

You could win one of three sets of Hope and Ready to Ride, also by Sebastien Pelon. Click here to enter!


So You Want To Be A Roman Soldier? Written by Philip Matyszak and illustrated by Takayo Akiyama, published by Thames & Hudson

This humorous and handy guide contains all the information aspiring legionaries need to know about life in the Roman army. Expert tips include: how to care for your Roman sandals; how to operate a catapult; what to wear and not to wear on campaign; how to sack a city; and how to avoid getting a javelin through your skull. Based on the bestselling book Legionary by Roman history scholar Philip Matyszak, So You Want to be a Roman Soldier? is filled with the zany illustrations of Japanese cartoonist, Takayo Akiyama. The result is a book that brings to life the experience of being a Roman soldier in 100CE – from dealing with stinky bunk mates to surviving bloody battles – through a crew of likeable (as well as highly disagreeable) characters.


Rebel Dogs: Heroic Tales of Trusty Hounds by Kimberlie Hamilton, published by Scholastic

Tail-wagging tales of real-life Rebel Dogs!

An engaging collection packed with over 30 real-life dogs, including film stars with fur, hounds that love to help, superstars of science and war heroes – these rebel dogs are the stars of their own stories.

With incredible fur-raising facts on record-making dogs, marvellous mutts in literature, internet-sensation pups and much, much more – this beautiful book is perfect for pup fans of any age.


Rabbit and Bear: A Bite in the Night, written by Julian Gough and illustrated by Jim Field, published by Hodder Children’s Books

Rabbit is surprised: some of the trees in the valley seem to be flying south for the winter. His friend Bear is sure that trees can’t fly. Then there’s a loud CRUNCH! from Very Near By. It sounds like the world’s largest rabbit, eating the world’s largest carrot.

There’s a new creature in Rabbit and Bear’s valley, and he’s trying to Change Everything.

From novelist and playwright Julian Gough, and the winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, Jim Field, this is a tale of friendship, progress, and all kinds of getting muddy.


Matilda’s Jokes For Awesome Kids, written by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake, published by Penguin

What do you get if you add 25 and 917, then subtract 765 and divide the answer by 33?

A headache. (Unless you’re Matilda!)

Matilda’s Jokes for Clever Kids would even make the Trunchbull laugh! Narrated by Matilda herself, this joke book is stuffed full of gigglesome gags, silly puns, brain-tickling riddles, and the Trunchbull’s favourite insults – guaranteed to raise a chuckle from human beans young and old.


Me and Mister P: Maya’s Storm, written by Maria Farrer and illustrated by Daniel Rieley, published by Oxford University Press

There are times when only a polar bear will do…

Gran has always been there for Maya. They have lots of fun together but recently Gran has become a bit forgetful and Maya feels like the tables have turned and she needs to look after Gran . . . oh, and the enormous polar bear who has just sailed into their lives!


Don’t Worry, Little Crab by Chris Haughton, published by Walker Books

In the rockpool above the sea, live two crabs: Big Crab and Little Crab. Today, they’re going for a dip in the sea. “This is going to be so great!” says Little Crab. But then Little Crab catches a first glimpse of the water… Oh. The waves! They’re ENORMOUS. “JEEPERS!” Will Little Crab be brave enough to go in?


Wishing Chair Adventure: A Daring School Rescue, written by Enid Blyton and illustrated by Alex Paterson, published by Egmont

A brand new full-colour short story from Blyton’s magical Wishing-Chair series – the perfect companion to the successful Magic Faraway Tree Adventure series and perfect for readers aged 5+.

Molly and Peter are ever so lucky. They have a magical wishing-chair that will fly them to fairy-tale lands and grant them any wish they please! But on a mission to find their missing toys, the children are captured and made to attend the very strict school for bad brownies! However will they escape and find the wishing-chair again?

Short chapters and beautiful full-colour illustrations from Alex Paterson make the Wishing-Chair Adventures series perfect bedtime reading for children aged five and upwards.