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New books in September, ages 0-5

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[Click here for new books for ages 5-88-1212+]

An ABC of Equality, written by Chana Ginelle Ewing and illustrated by Paulina Morgan, published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

A is for Ability, B is for Belief, C is for Class. All people have the right to be treated fairly, no matter who they are, what they look like or where they come from. An ABC of Equality introduces complicated concepts surrounding social justice to the youngest of children.
From A to Z, simple explanations accompanied by engaging artwork teach children about the world we live in and how to navigate our way through it. Each right-hand page includes a brightly decorated letter with the word it stands for and an encouraging slogan. On the left, a colourful illustration and bite-size text sum up the concept. Cheerful people from a range of backgrounds, ethnicities and abilities lead the way through the alphabet.

  • L is for LGBTQIA. Find the words that make you, you.
  • N is for No. No means no.
  • P is for Privilege. Be aware of your advantages.
  • X is for Xenophobia. Ask questions and you’ll see there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Celebrate your Differences, ask more Questions, share your Kindness and learn to Understand the world.


The Girl and the Dinosaur, written by Hollie Hughes and illustrated by Sarah Massini, published by Bloomsbury

A masterpiece of storytelling with evocative and stunning illustrations, destined to be read for years to come.
The wishing stars burn bright tonight, the air is thick with dreams,
And a deeply sleeping dinosaur is waking up, it seems . . . 

In a town by the seaside, Marianne is often seen foraging on the beach. But she isn’t playing with children her own age. Instead Marianne is alone, and digging for dinosaur bones to build a special sort of companion.

Then, one night, she goes to sleep wishing with all her heart that her dinosaur might come to life…

A very rare and special book where the words and pictures take you on a magical journey far beyond the page.


Fergal in a Fix, written and illustrated by Robert Starling, published by Andersen Press

Fergal is back. This time he’s off to Dragon Camp and he’s feeling a bit worried. He’ll be meeting lots of new dragons and trying lots of new things. All he wants is to be the best at everything (even if it means cheating) and for everyone to like him (because he’s the best), but things don’t quite go according to plan. Oh dear, Fergal, what a fix!

Following the Waterstones Prize-shortlisted Fergal is Fuming, this is Robert Starling’s second book featuring a well-meaning dragon whose actions often miss the mark.


Dracula Spectacular by Lucy Rowland and Ben Mantle, published by Macmillan Children’s Books

It’s tough being a vampire when you’re more giggles and glitter than beastly and bitter. But will Dracula Boy dare to follow his heart and live life in technicolour? 

Full of spooks and sparkles, Dracula Spectacular is a heart-warming story about learning to be brave, kind and above all, proud to be yourself.  

A sensational new picture book, written in bouncy rhyme by Lucy Rowland and illustrated with wit and warmth by Ben Mantle, the creative duo behind Little Red Reading Hood.


The Star in the Forest by Helen Kellock, published by Thames & Hudson

One Saturday evening, sisters Pip and Maisie are sitting in the warm snug of their grandparent’s cottage on the edge of a forest in Scotland. Maisie is restless and longs for adventure, but life at the cottage is always slow. When a bright light suddenly falls from the sky into the forest next door, Maisie can’t believe her luck – finally an adventure has come her way! She has boots on and torch in hand before Pip has even put down her hot chocolate. Maisie is desperate to discover the special something as quickly as she can. As the two sisters journey through the dark forest towards the gradually receding light, her imagination runs riot – perhaps it’s space treasure, gold dust, or maybe even a creature from outer space! Pip, meanwhile, takes in the dark shapes and strange sounds around her, tentatively adjusting to the forest and its wild inhabitants. When Maisie finally reaches the source of the light, she is bitterly disappointed – the special something is no more than a lump of rock. But thanks to Pip’s careful observations, they realize it is in fact a star! Highly atmospheric and magical in quality, this delightful debut picture book is sure to enchant children and parents alike.


Hey Grandude! written by Paul McCartney and illustrated by Kathryn Durst, published by Penguin Random House

From the legendary Paul McCartney – an action-packed picture-book adventure celebrating the fun grandparents and grandchildren can have when their imaginations run wild.

Grandude is a one-of-a-kind adventurer – a Mary Poppins for the modern day! With his magic compass he whisks his four grandkids off on whirlwind adventures, taking them all around the globe . . .Join them as they ride flying fish, dodge stampedes, and escape avalanches!

Brought to life in a riot of colour by talented children’s illustrator Kathryn Durst, it’s the perfect bedtime story for little explorers.


Jonny Lambert’s Wake Up, Farm! (Pop-Up Peekaboo) by Jonny Lambert, published by DK

Lift the flaps to wake up the animals on the farm, and look out for the pop-up surprises! Join the noisy cockerel as he visits pigs, cows, and more on a beautiful morning on the farm, in this lovely interactive board book.

Children will delight in the collage-like illustrations of their favourite farmyard animals, by renowned artist Jonny Lambert, and will love joining in with the story as they visit characters one by one. The sturdy board-book format is perfect for little hands, and fun pop-ups under flaps will entertain children again and again.



The Terribly Friendly Fox, written by Susannah Lloyd and illustrated by Ellie Snowdon, published by Simon & Schuster

Everyone is having a fabulous time at the Annual Woodland Creatures’ Ball! When an unexpected guest arrives… Gerald is a newly reformed vegetarian fox. He is the life of the party and charms all the guests with his songs, dances and games. Even the usually shy voles are having a great time.

He really is a terribly friendly fox…or is he?


We Love You, Mr Panda by Steve Antony, published by Hodder Children’s Books

Everyone’s favourite grumpy Panda is looking for love in this laugh-out-loud funny picture book!

Mr Panda is offering free hugs to all his animal friends. But they are all too busy hugging each other! Does nobody love Mr Panda?


Osbert, written by Noel Streatfeild and illustrated by Susanne Suba, published by Scholastic

A near-forgotten picture book by the author of Ballet Shoes.

Father says Osbert the family dog is too unsightly for the family wedding tomorrow. The children are outraged! Can they find a way to give Osbert the ultimate makeover?

Rarely seen since its first publication in 1950, this charming time capsule of a book is sure to delight readers of any age


Little World: Jungle Journey by Allison Black, published by Penguin Random House

Discover the birds, beasts and bugs of the jungle in this interactive Amazonian adventure.

Curious minds will love to explore the dark recesses of the jungle with this interactive title from Little World. Discover all sorts of creatures high up in the canopy and on the jungle floor in this bright and colourful board book, which features a novelty to slide, push or pull on every spread.


Little World: Under the Sea by Allison Black, published by Penguin Random House

Dive deep into the ocean in this interactive aquatic adventure.

Curious minds will love to explore the reefs and rocks of the ocean with this interactive title from Little World. Discover all kinds of interesting and unusual sea creatures in this bright and colourful board book, which features a novelty to slide, push or pull on every spread.