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New books in November, ages 5-8

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[Click here for new books for ages 0-5, 8-12 and 12+]

Madame Badobedah, written by Sophie Dahl and illustrated by Lauren O’Hara, published by Walker Books

Mabel lives with her parents at The Mermaid Hotel, by the sea. She likes to keep an eye on the comings and goings of all the guests. Then one day a particularly in-ter-est-ing old lady comes to stay. There is something very suspicious about her, with her growly voice, heavy trunks and beady-eyed tortoise. And why does no one know her REAL name? There can only be one answer, Mabel decides … this guest is a SUPERVILLAIN. But even supervillains have a soft side, and as an unlikely friendship grows between the pair, their fantastical exploits take them well beyond the corridors of their seaside home.

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Mr Penguin and the Catastrophic Cruise by Alex T. Smith, published by Hodder Children’s Books

From the international bestselling creator of Claude comes a hero like no other: Mr Penguin. Indiana Jones meets Hercule Poirot in this series from Alex T. Smith.

Mr Penguin is boarding a luxury cruise ship. He doesn’t like water, and he can’t swim, but his friend Colin is performing with the Ladies Choir on board – and anyway, Mr Penguin feels like a rest after some busy Adventuring. What’s more, fish finger sandwiches are apparently available twenty-four hours a day. Heaven!

But despite the glamorous film stars and party atmosphere, Mr Penguin can’t help but feel that something shifty is happening on board. And when he befriends a young stowaway with a mystery of her own to solve, he soon finds that Adventures are lying in wait after all…

This is the third Mr Penguin book with plenty of slapstick humour, mystery and adventure.


Here We Are Special Edition, written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers, published by HarperCollins Children’s Books

“Well, hello.

And welcome to this Planet.

We call it Earth.”

This special edition of Here We Are, the exceptional, thought-provoking book from the multi award-winning creator of Lost and Found, Oliver Jeffers, includes a spectacular giant foldout poster of the solar system!

Click here for Here We Are activity sheets


The Woodland Trust: Into The Forest, written by Christiane Dorion and illustrated by Jane McGuinness and published by Bloomsbury

The world is rich with marvellous forests and amazing communities of plants, animals, fungi and minute creatures that populate them. Learn all about the woods, experience each sound and smell and explore all the hidey-holes and cosy dens of its dwellers with this big and beautiful book all about forests, published in partnership with The Woodland Trust, the largest woodland conservation charity in the UK. 
Marvel at the peaceful twilight of the deciduous forest, where birds gather twigs, bats shelter in tree trunks and the carpet of fallen leaves becomes small creatures’ homes. Spot a bald eagle soaring high up in the winter sky through the towering green giants of the redwood forest. Discover all the noises in the Amazonian rainforest, where most creatures live in the tree canopy together, creating a symphony of sounds. Each forest has something special to offer and is invaluable. 
Into the Forest is a celebration of trees and wildlife all around the world. Children will find out how trees change colour through seasons, how to plant their own trees and the importance of protecting our forests through sustainability. At the end of the book there’s a glossary, full of fun trees with surprising names!


Hotel Flamingo: Carnival Caper by Alex Milway, published by Bonnier
It’s the last of the autumn days before winter sets in, which means it’s time for CARNIVAL! And Hotel Flamingo, the sunniest hotel in town, is all set to join the party. Animal Boulevard is a riot of colour, and every establishment is preparing a float for the annual procession. Anna is determined to win the prize for Hotel Flamingo for the best display, despite rival hotel the Glitz having won it every year since the Carnival began.
Meanwhile Hotel Flamingo is welcoming its usual array of eclectic guests. Wilbur the sheepdog, who has no home, and needs a place to stay and someone to give him a chance at a new start. Mr and Mrs Kunkworth, a pair of skunks, who are rather anxious, and Mac Macaw the parrot, who is quite the opposite … Things start to get complicated, though, when Anna gets some very unexpected guests – the mega-famous band The Nocturnal Animals! How will she keep their stay a secret while also making sure her guests don’t get kept awake by the band’s night-time practising and antics?
Then on top of this, disaster strikes! The rainy season comes early, and high winds and torrential rain lash down across the Boulevard. Can Anna save the Carnival, the band and the day?
The third in an enchanting four-book series featuring the adventures of Anna and her array of animal friends.

Win a copy of Hotel Flamingo


Granny Magic, written by Elka Evalds and illustrated by Teemu Juhani, published by Chicken House

Will’s beloved granny made cakes and knitted itchy jumpers – that’s what he thought. But when she passes away and dodgy Jasper Fitchet moves in to their village, dark magic begins to unravel in Knittington. Can Will and his gran’s old craft group tie Fitchet in knots? With the help of her old motorbike and a flock of magical sheep, they might just do it … so long as they don’t drop a stitch.

Featuring brilliant illustrations by Teemu Juhani, Granny Magic is a cross-generational celebration of what family really means.

Win a copy of Granny Magic

Read an extract from Granny Magic


The Princess Rules by Philippa Gregory, published by HarperCollins Children’s Books

Princess Florizella may live in a classic fairy-tale world, but she’s no ordinary princess:

“Princess Florizella was friends with some of the princesses who had studied the Princess Rules, and behaved just as the Rules said they should. Florizella thought their hair was lovely: so golden and so very long. And their clothes were nice: so richly embroidered. And their shoes were delightful: so tiny and handmade in silk. But their days bored her to death…”


The Real Family Christmas, written by Sue Mongredien and illustrated by Kate Pankhurst, published by Macmillan Children’s Books

Join in the fun with these three funny, festive stories about Father Christmas and his bonkers family – nothing goes to plan when the Christmases are about!

Disaster strikes when Nick (a.k.a. Father Christmas) catches the flu just before Christmas day, meaning that it’s up to his fun-loving younger brother Harry to save the day in Uncle Christmas.

In Granny Christmas Nick and Harry’s Granny turns up with her grumpy pet penguin, Percy, to stay for the festive season, causing chaos with her inventions and nearly ruining all the careful preparation the boys have done! Can Granny Christmas prove to her grandsons that her inventions are more helpful than harmful?

Pandemonium ensues when the whole extended Christmas family unexpectedly turn up for the festive season in Real Family Christmas! With their parents, Uncle Rufus and Aunty Ruby, three wild cousins, Great Uncle Alf and seven-year-old Ivy all staying, how can Nick and Harry make sure that Christmas goes smoothly this year?

Perfect for newly confident readers or for the family to enjoy together, Sue Mongredien’s The Real Family Christmas: Three Stories in One, featuring gorgeous illustrations from Kate Pankhurst, is sure to make you laugh-out-loud, getting you ready for Christmas and putting you in the festive spirit.


Frozen 2: The Magical Guide, published by DK

DK’s Frozen 2: The Magical Guide is the ultimate companion to Disney’s highly anticipated second installment in the Frozen franchise. Covering all of the movie’s characters, plus key locations, themes and iconic moments, this magical guide is a must-have title for Disney movie fans, or fans of the hugely popular Frozen franchise. Includes an incredible Frozen 2 poster!

©2019 Disney


A Giant Dose of Gross, written by Andy Seed and illustrated by Claire Almon, published by QED Publishing

Nature’s most disgusting creatures take centre stage, in this humorous but enlightening collection of downright disgusting creatures.
From puking vultures and farting goats to stinky opossums who pretend to be dead, this title will include disgusting facts exploring each animal’s unusual skills and how they use them to survive. Humorous illustrations celebrating weird and wonderful creatures will delight any child with an interest in animals and nature, particularly those with a fondness for the grosser things in life.


Ada Lovelace Cracks the Code, illustrated by Marina Muun, published by Rebel Girls

From the creators of the globally bestselling series Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls comes an inspiring new book based on the life of British technology pioneer, Ada Lovelace: the world’s first computer programmer.

Ada Lovelace Cracks the Code follows the story of British technology and computer science pioneer, Ada Lovelace.  Brought to life with original artwork by Marina Muun, this is the inspirational story of the woman who jump-started the digital age nearly 200 years ago, and wrote what would become the world’s first programming language.

This is the story of a world-leader in computer sciences, now a multibillion-dollar industry, but it is also a tale of the importance of empowering women to make invaluable contributions in STEM.  As Ada Lovelace said herself: “That brain of mine is something more than merely mortal, as time will show.”


Madam C.J. Walker Builds a Business, illustrated by Salini Perera, published by Rebel Girls

From the creators of the globally bestselling series Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls comes an inspiring new book based on the life of America’s first self-made millionaire. Launched ahead of a new Netflix series starring Octavia Spencer and produced by LeBron James.

Madam C.J. Walker Builds a Business follows Sarah Breedlove Walker’s journey to becoming America’s first self-made millionaire. Brought to life with original artwork by Salini Perera, this is the inspirational story of a woman who defeated the odds to found a beauty business whose products still dominate the black hair care industry today.

This is the story of a leader in the hair care industry, now a multibillion-dollar industry. It is also a tale highlighting the importance of empowering women to become economically independent and to use their influence to make positive change. As Madam C.J. Walker said herself: “I am not satisfied in making money for myself. I endeavour to provide employment for hundreds of women of my race.”


Snowflakes, Silver and Secrets by Tracey Corderoy, published by Simon & Schuster

Join Bryony and Red on another Seaview Stables adventure, in this snowy seasonal special!

It’s the Christmas holidays and Bryony and her friends have lots to look forward to. There’s the Christmas Market, a Christmas play and of course, lots of time for magical horse rides through the snow! On one snowy ride, Bryony and her dream pony, Red, come across a beautiful painted caravan. A family of travellers have arrived in Brook Dale and Bryony can’t wait to involve them in all the festivities. But when a box of silver goes missing from Brook Dale Manor, fingers start to point at the new arrivals. Can Bryony and her friends solve the mystery of the stolen silver, and remind everyone of just what Christmas is about?

Win a copy of Snowflakes, Silver and Secrets


Snow Leopard: Grey Ghost of the Mountain, written by Justin Anderson and illustrated by Patrick Benson, published by Walker Books

“Something moves in the rocks ahead. My hands start to tremble. My heart is beating fast. There, just a few footsteps away, is a snow leopard…”
Join us on a journey high into the snowy peaks of the Himalaya, and discover the secret world of a rare and utterly majestic creature – how it has adapted to the harsh environment it lives in and how it looks after its young. Complete with an index and a conservation note, this is a wonderful addition to the series and the debut of an exciting new voice in non-fiction writing for children.