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If I Had A Sleepy Sloth by Gabby Dawnay, illustrated by Alex Barrow, published by Thames & Hudson

In this charming trip of the imagination, a little girl delights in experiencing life at a slower pace as she shares her day with a sleepy sloth who moves so slowly, moss grows in his fur!

This sloth may be sleepy but it’s a champion on the jungle gym, thanks to its super gripping skills. And climbing trees has never been so easy! But the little girl’s hairdresser is less than impressed to find not just moss but also moths in its fur – and by the time our sleepy sloth has finished its morning walk, the day is almost done.

Through rollicking rhymes and bold, graphic illustrations, If I had a sleepy sloth imagines the positives and negatives of having a sloth for a pet and provides a welcome alternative to the fast pace of modern life by creating the time for readers to simply

 Win one of three copies of If I Had A Sleepy Sloth, ages 0-5

I am not an Elephant, by Karl Newson, illustrated by Ross Collins, published by Macmillan Children’s Books

This laugh-out-loud story is about a bold and imaginative Mouse who is accused of being an elephant by a gecko. Despite having a pointy nose and flappy ears, Mouse is definitely not an elephant – but could Mouse be an owl, a sheep, a yak, or a cow? Mouse persuades the others that it’s what is on the inside that counts – and maybe Mouse is actually a Moose?

With vibrant and characterful illustrations this hilarious follow on to the acclaimed I am a Tiger introduces a new range of animals for the feisty Mouse to bamboozle.

Sometimes I Feel by Sarah Maycock, published by Big Picture Press

Sometimes I feel as big as a bear . . . But there will always be someone bigger than me.

There are lots of ways that we can feel, so many emotions big and small. Sarah Maycock explores our feelings through a collection of animal similes and poetic prose imagined with sublime illustrations that perfectly embody each emotion. Even a big bear can feel small sometimes.

A thought-provoking one-off picture book from an illustrator skyrocketing in popularity.

Show and Tell, by Rob Biddulph, published by HarperCollins Children’s Books

Show and Tell is the funny and fantastic new picture book from award-winning and bestselling creative star Rob Biddulph. School has never been so fun!

Packed to the brim with Rob’s trademark warm humour, life lessons and pitch-perfect rhyme, this is the perfect book for families to read together or for children to enjoy alone. 

Show and Tell (Colouring)

Show and Tell (Draw)

Show and Tell: Draw Zorg

Show and Tell: Spot the Difference

Peppa Pig: Super Peppa!, published by Penguin

When Madame Gazelle asks the class to dress up as what they want to be when they are older, they are all very excited. Edmond Elephant wants to be an astronaut AND an anthropologist, Danny Dog wants to be a skateboarder and Rebecca Rabbit wants to be a carrot… but Peppa doesn’t know what she wants to be! Luckily Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and the world’s busiest person, Miss Rabbit, let Peppa follow them for a day to give her some ideas!

 Peppa Pig: Where’s Peppa’s Magical Unicorn?, published by Penguin

 Peppa wants to play with her magical unicorn but she can’t find her anywhere! Is she hiding at the castle, the beach, or the end of the rainbow? Join Peppa and Daddy Pig’s adventure and lift the flaps to find out! With a very glittery cover, it’s the perfect gift for little readers and unicorn fans.

Peppa loves her magical unicorn. Everyone loves Peppa’s magicalunicorn!

Baby Touch and Feel Mermaid, published by DK

For the very youngest mermaid fans, this cute, sparkly, touch and feel book is the perfect choice. With shimmery, shiny mermaids, a pearly underwater palace, friendly sea creatures, intricate mermaid accessories, and a fun rhyme, it is a delightful book to read aloud, just right for sharing with babies and toddlers and encouraging their imaginative play.

Every page has a colourful character or mermaid accessory embellished with touch and feel patches or sparkly areas to expand children’s senses, with the simple design – with one main picture per page – is easy for little ones to follow. From a twinkling mermaid’s tail and a bumpy seahorse to a sea king’s soft beard, a smooth, shiny dolphin, and a sparkly seashell mirror, Baby Touch and Feel Mermaid features all sorts of mer-mazing things!

Part of DK’s popular Baby Touch and Feel series, this fun first mermaid book with its exciting sparkly jacket is the perfect size for little hands to hold.

The Littlest Bandit by Ali Pye, published by Simon and Schuster

Sometimes the biggest problems call for the Littlest Bandit!

Daredevil Grandma Bandit is stuck in a tree, and all the other bandits are convinced they know the best way to get her down. “I can help!” cries the Littlest Bandit. But no one will listen! When their plans are foiled, and mild peril threatens from the skies, could reading be the only way to save Grandma?

Win 1 of 5 copies of The Littlest Bandit by Ali Pye, ages 0-5

Not an Alphabet Book: The Case of the Missing Cake by Eoin McLaughlin and illustrated by Marc Boutavant, published by Walker Books

This was meant to be a simple alphabet book but something has happened. Something horrible. The most terrible crime! The world’s most completely delicious, tongue-jinglingly, chocolaty cake has been … STOLEN!

As Bear travels from A to Z, visiting all sorts of characters, objects and extraordinary places along the way, can YOU help him search for the culprit? But, wait! Are those crumbs on Bear’s page? And are those Bear-shaped pawprints next to the empty cake stand? It seems our narrator might not be as reliable as we first thought…