New Books in June, ages 5-8

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Bricks, written by Katie Cotton, illustrated by Tor Freeman, published by Andersen Press

Pig wants the biggest and finest new house for the cheapest price, even if that involves telling a little porky… He’s about to find out exactly what happens to greedy pigs who fleece their workers!

When the bricks fall, who will save this pig’s bacon? A hilarious cautionary tale that teaches kindness and integrity from dream team Katie Cotton and Tor Freeman.

Where’s the Animal Poo? A Search and Find, published by Orchard Books

Five Animal Poos are going on an adventure under the sea, into the rainforest and inside a sweet factory. Find each of them on every page, plus ten bonus items!

Johnny Ball: Accidental Football Genius by Matt Oldfield and illustrated by Tim Wesson, published by Walker Books

Johnny Ball LOVES football. He loves reading about it, talking about it, watching it – and he loves playing it too. He’s a good player, but not quite good enough to make the Tissbury Primary School team for the super-huge Under-11s County Cup. But never mind, because their clueless coach, Mr Mann, has a special role for Johnny: ASSISTANT MANAGER! With only Grandpa George’s old scarf, a “pocket” notebook and his brilliant football brain, can our football genius lead the Tissbury Primary team all the way to County Cup glory?

Fizzy and Bandit, by Sarah Crossan, illustrated by Nicola Colton, published by Bloomsbury Education

Fizzy wants a dog. Not just any dog though – a golden dog with a black nose and very curly hair. So when a dog called Bandit who looks just like this appears in her neighbour’s garden, Fizzy will stop at nothing to keep him – even if it means hiding poor Bandit in the laundry basket…

This delightful comedy from Ireland’s Children’s Laureate Sarah Crossan is perfect for children who are learning to read by themselves.

Fizzy and Bandit is part of the Bloomsbury Young Readers series and includes gorgeous colour illustrations and inside cover notes to help adults reading with children, as well as ideas for activities related to the stories.

Marvel Black Panther Rules!, published by DK

Exactly who, or what, is the Black Panther? So you want to know how T’Challa became the mighty Black Panther-the strongest and swiftest man in all Wakanda? This guide has all the answers to your questions, including: Where is Wakanda? Who else has worn the Black Panther suit? Why is Vibranium so important?

Packed with Super Hero secrets and jokes, this book is sure to make you a Wakandan whizz in no time.

The perfect gift for young fans of Marvel Comics and Super Heroes, Marvel Black Panther Rules! is an exciting, playful and fact-filled journey into the wondrous world of the Black Panther – and shows you what it takes to be a hero!

Isadora Moon Puts on a Show, written and illustrated by Harriet Muncaster and published by Oxford University Press

It’s almost time for the vampire ball, and Isadora can’t wait! There’s just one problem: she’s got to compete in a talent show with the other vampire children. Isadora’s talents aren’t very vampire-y, what if the audience laugh at her? The show must go on, but will Isadora be brave enough to perform?