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Lockdown-friendly fundraising for 2021

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Even during lockdown we can put the fun into fundraising, with all these activities that can be done at home, at school, or both! Some of these ideas would be perfect for a Big Booky Breaktime – and can easily be adapted to work all year round.

Every pound raised helps us to change lives through books and reading so no amount is too small. Find out more about where your donations go.

Book Before Bedtime

Hold a special book before bedtime session on Zoom, with teachers reading from their favourite books. Encourage children to bring along their favourite stories to show on screen, and to get comfy while they listen. Families can be asked to donate £1 to take part.

Quiztime on Zoom

Get your class to put their booky thinking caps on for a Zoom quiz on their favourite children’s books. You can use the World Book Day quizzes (one for Older Bookworms and one for Younger Bookworms) or write your own. Always offer multiple choice answers, so your quizlets can take a guess at every question. Teachers can charge £1 to take part with a small prize for the winner. Want to make it more fun? Get your quizmaster to dress up!


Scavenger Hunt

Gather your class on Zoom, asking everybody to pick up to three picture books to have with them during the game. The teacher reads out a list of items – people, animals, objects, places – and children can find them in their books. Write down all the things found and the title of the book you found them in. Can’t find it in one of your books? Then write down any book you can think of that features that object! The winner is the person with the most found items. Teachers can charge £1 to take part and offer a prize for the winner(s).


Design & Donate

Decorate a potato, dress up a wooden spoon, design a book in a jar or shoebox or simply draw your favourite book character. Teachers can charge £1 to enter and offer a prize for the winning creations. If your school is on social media you could post pictures of the best entries or create a gallery for everyone to enjoy – remember to tag us at #WorldBookDay if you do! Find out more here.



Reading Stars challenge

Get sponsored to complete our Reading Stars challenge. Download your star chart here – there’s one for bookworms aged 4+ and one for readers aged 8+. All you need to do is read lots of books in different, fun ways. Every book you read is another star ticked off your chart! Your sponsorship form can be really simple – just a list of names and the amount they have pledged. But if you’re feeling creative, you could make it really colourful and decorate it with booky pictures.


Run a Readathon

Organise a sponsored Readathon and raise money every time you read! Teachers can download a complete Readathon kit from Read for Good, who also have guidance for running a Readathon remotely. Ask people to sponsor you per book or per minute of reading – then all you need to do is…read! Find out more here.




Buy a badge

Buy a World Book Day badge for a lasting memory of World Book Day 2021. You can also have a go at some of the booky activities in the free World Book Day Challenge Pack, developed in collaboration with Pawprint Family. The badges make great prizes too – award them to your best fundraisers or winners of Quiztime, the Savenger Hunt or Design & Donate! Find out all about them here.


World Book Day T-shirts

Tell the world you love books and reading (and Rob Biddulph’s cool illustrations) with a fabulous World Book Day T-shirt or sweatshirt. Find out more here.




How to collect funds

Lots of our ideas involve asking parents to donate £1, so you might be wondering how you’re going to collect all the £1s during lockdown! If you don’t have a tried and tested online payment system at school, why not ask parents to pledge a donation (it might even be more than £1!) to be brought into school at a later date. Alternatively, schools can easily add themselves as a fundraiser on the schools’ JustGiving page and parents can donate through that. We truly appreciate all donations made – every penny really does count.

How to donate

Once you’ve completed the challenge and collected the money, you can donate at our JustGiving pages – there is one for funds raised with School and one for any Other fundraising. If you prefer to pay by cheque, please make cheques payable to World Book Day and send to: World Book Day Ltd, 6 Bell Yard, London WC2A 2JR. Please include a note with your name and address so we know who to thank.



World Book Day® is a charity sponsored by National Book Tokens.