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This year we had over a thousand responses to our surveys where we asked teachers and librarians for the great ideas and activities that helped inspire and engage children for World Book Day and promote reading for pleasure. At the end of a difficult term in a difficult year we also wanted to thank you all for your support of and commitment to World Book Day. It was evident from all of the survey responses how much effort you all put in to provide your pupils with the best possible World Book Day experience.

We’ve put together a document for you to read, print, and share, so that you can make the most out of celebrating books on World Book Day and beyond! You can download this here.

Teacher survey ideas 2021






Have a look at a sneak peak below…

Masked Reader
Exploring reading and popular culture, “The Masked Reader” activity was popular and successful among EYFS, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools. An important reminder for children that reading can be integrated with other leisure activities, as well as being a fun option on its own!

Show your SharesDressing Up
Many teachers reported that dressing up was a powerful and important tool for allowing children to have informal book talk by connecting with their peers and families through reflection, discussions and recommendations.

Reluctant Readers
We had an amazing response for activities that helped to engage children during World Book Day who are often reluctant to read. Hopefully you will find some of these ideas to be useful all year round too!

Share a Story for 10 Minutes
By sharing a story for just 10 minutes (or more) a day, either at school or home, children showed high levels of engagement and enthusiasm for reading for pleasure.

No-Screen-DaysShow your Shares
Lockdown presented us with many challenges including a change in learning environment, and yet teachers still came up with brilliant creative ways to bring change to home learning on World Book Day!

Teachers shared loads of amazing ideas of different ways to get children motivated to read, discuss and get creative through the use of competitions!

Check out our full document here for more information, and some brilliant quotations from teachers and librarians on their successful celebration of World Book Day 2021! Look out for registration information and the £1 book launch in September 2021.

NB: Photographs from World Book Day’s 2021 Show Your Shares competition.

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