Happy Read Hour 2021

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This year World Book Day are supporting Read Hour, a brilliant campaign from The Children and Youth Foundation that challenges everyone to read for an hour on the 8th September 2021. Whether this is a book, a magazine or comic book – absolutely everything is encouraged! The official Read Hour will be held from 2pm – 3pm, but if that’s not possible for you, you can do your Read Hour at any time during the day.

Share your best reading tips and encourage everybody to join on social media with hashtags #ReadHour and #ReadHourUK.

Moomin have partnered with Read Hour and have created some exciting Moomin-related activity sheets for kids, tweens and adults, so be sure to check these out below. Answer sheets are provided at the bottom of the page.



Read Hour Crossword - Kids


Crossword 1                           Crossword 2                         Wordsearch

Read Hour Crossword 1 - TweensRead Hour Crossword 2 - TweensRead Hour Wordsearch - Tweens

Tweens and Adults


Read Hour Wordoku - Tweens and Adults


Crossword 1                           Crossword 2                       Wordsearch

Read Hour Crossword 1 - AdultsRead Hour Crossword 2 - AdultsRead Hour Wordsearch - Adults

Answer sheets:

Read Hour 2021