November’s Book Club Snack Ideas

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In the book Danger at Dead Man’s Pass, Hal and Leonard pack a train picnic. It might be fun to think about what foods would be good to eat on a train and serve them at your Book Club!

Our top snack tips are:

  1. If you’re going on a long journey you want things you can eat a little bit of as you go along – why not try chopping different toppings for crackers or fillings for wraps to keep things interesting.
  2. You don’t want things that make too many crumbs and are as versatile as possible – fruit cake or tea loaf is great – you can even top a slice with apple or cheese
  3. Food that comes contained in its own wrapping is perfect – bananas, samosas, cornish pasties or pierogies 
  4. Try a snack that has lots of tastes and textures to keep you interested on your journey  -why not have a go at making some trail mix
  5. A flask is a great way to make sure you have something warm for your whole journey– soup, porridge hot chocolate or tea all make great flask fillers
  6. Pack or wrap your food in reusable boxes or material  – you can refill them for your journey back!
Danger at Dead Man's Pass