World Book Night 2023

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World Book Night is a national celebration of reading and books for adults and young people presented by The Reading Agency that takes place on 23 April every year! In 2023, World Book Night is gifting over 74,000 print and audiobooks to people across the UK who don’t regularly read or have access to books through organisations including prisons, libraries, colleges, hospitals, care homes and homeless shelters.

1 in 3 (31%) adults in England don’t regularly read for pleasure, rising to 1 in 2 (46%) of young people. The Reading Agency’s annual World Book Night celebrates reading for pleasure, encouraging conversation about books and for everyone to spend time reading. World Book Night covers the whole reading journey and is accessible for everyone, from less-confident readers to those who read regularly. World Book Night is a community celebration, bringing people together to share the joy of reading.

We’re joining in the celebration and we’d love for you to join us. Select a book from this year’s booklist which features specially reprinted copies of some of the most popular Quick Reads titles, an audiobook via the World Book Night website, or choose any book that you want to read and join in the #ReadingHour from 7-8pm sharing what you’re reading on social media.

This year, World Book Night are inviting everyone to join the Road to Reading! A little reading can go a long way. It can connect us to others, spark curiosity, boost our self-esteem and support our mental health. Sign up and pledge to read every week and see what a difference it makes. World Book Night will share advice, reading recommendations and more on your Road to Reading journey, while keeping an eye on your progress to help you along the way. Sign up to take part in the Road to Reading.

World Book Night is about encouraging everyone to find time for reading; if you’re looking after children you can also share some time reading with them before bed using our Share a Story Corner video stories, 10 Minute Story Shares and World of Stories free audiobooks.

For more information on how to get involved visit We look forward to hearing how you celebrate!

The Reading Agency presents World Book Night booklist for 2023

The Reading Agency presents World Book Night - 23 April 2023