Gangsta Rap

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Written by: Benjamin Zephaniah

Just what do you do with talent from the wrong side of town? Benjamin Zephaniah draws on his own experiences with school and the music business to create a novel that speaks with passion and immediacy about the rap scene.

The moral of the hip-hop is the hip-hop never does stop
’Cause it travels from the bottom and it goes right to the top.

Ray, Tyrone and Prem. Three boys who aren’t easy, who attract trouble, who don’t fit in. But they know what they want, and they’ve got the talent to back it up.

What happens to boys like them? If they’re lucky, maybe they’ll get a chance to shine…

‘Not for a long time have I read a book with such a “pick me up again” factor’ – Independent on Sunday

    About the Author

    Benjamin Zephaniah

    Benjamin Zephaniah is probably one of the most high-profile international authors writing today, with an enormous breadth of appeal, equally popular with adults and children. Most well-known for his performance poetry with a political edge for adults and ground-breaking performance poetry for children, Benjamin has also written several urban novels for teenagers. Benjamin has his own rap/reggae band and has appeared on Desert Island Discs. He travels the world speaking about his books and poetry.

    Twitter: @BZephaniah