Grubtown Tales: The Great Pasta Disaster

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Written by: Philip Ardagh
Illustrated by: Jim Paillot
Publisher: Faber

Welcome to the downright bonkers world of Grubtown, with a mischievous police chief, a duck-hating fox family, and the mayor, Flabby Gomez, who is having a serious problems with walnuts.

In this special World Book Day Grubtown Tale, Farflung Heaps, a self-appointed leader of the Angry Mob becomes so FURIOUS about being served floppy lettuce that he challenges the restaurant to a ‘pasta taste-off’ with truly EXPLOSIVE results.

Can Jilly Cheeter and short shorts-wearing Mango Claptrap save the day when tomato sauce and meatballs become as dangerous as a deadly weapon? And who will pay for all that dry-cleaning?

    About the Author

    Philip Ardagh

    About the Illustrator

    Jim Paillot

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