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Kid Normal and the Loudest Library

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Written by: Chris Smith and Greg James
Illustrated by: Erica Salcedo
Publisher: Bloomsbury

This is the epic, never-before-told story of the Super Zeroes’ first ever active mission as real-life superheroes! A brilliant new mini-adventure in the bestselling, award-winning Kid Normal series, exclusively for World Book Day 2020. Join Murph Cooper and the Super Zeroes as they team up with wonderful school librarian and secret superhero Mrs Fletcher (whose special power is that her head can turn into a foghorn) to foil a dastardly, 1000-decibel plot. When Mrs Fletcher’s friend disappears from her duties as town librarian, it’s clear that there’s something strange afoot. A librarian never deserts their post! Plus the library has suddenly started hosting a whole host of ludicrously loud events. Cow choirs, pneumatic drill masterclasses, stamping competitions … could a dastardly criminal be using the library to cover up a crime of epic proportions? It’s up to Murph, Mary, Hilda, Billy and Nellie to get to the bottom of this mega-loud mystery.

“This was a really good book full of lots of great characters and lots of bits that made me laugh out loud. It has made me want to read other books in the Kid Normal series. I would recommend this book to other children my age because it is really funny and keeps you in suspense and without giving anything away it has a really good ending.” (MadGough aged 8)

Take a look inside…

    About the Authors

    Chris Smith

    Chris Smith is an award-winning author, broadcaster and parent (a mug saying ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ counts as an award, right?). He grew up in leafy Northamptonshire and now lives in not-as-leafy North London with his wife, son and a cat called Mabel, who can talk. If you listen very carefully to the George Michael song Outside you can hear a sample of Chris reading the news. He makes excellent tea.

    Twitter: @itschrissmith
    Instagram: @chrissmithstagram

    Greg James

    Greg James is also an award-winning author and broadcaster, best known for hosting the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, but he hasn’t won any awards for being a parent, because he isn’t one. He circumnavigated the M25 during his childhood and is now living with his wife, Bella, and their dogs, Bonnie and Barney, in North London. Greg and Chris’s houses are connected by a secret tunnel that they use for exchanging ideas via an elaborate pulley system. He makes terrible tea.

    Twitter: @gregjames
    Instagram: @greg_james

    About the Illustrator

    Erica Salcedo

    Illustrator Erica Salcedo studied Fine Art at Castilla-La Mancha University, before going on to study for a masters in Graphic Design. She uses a mixture of techniques to create her illustrations – from hand-drawing to digital manipulation – and always remembers to add a pinch of humour. Wolfish Stew (Bloomsbury), written by Suzi Moore, was Erica’s first picture book. She lives in Cuenca, Spain.

    Twitter: @Erica_Salcedo