Sam Hannigan’s Rock Star Granny

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Written by: Alan Nolan
Publisher: The O'Brien Press

It’s all gone crackers! 

Animal lover Samantha Hannigan lives in Clobberstown with her granny, Nanny Gigg, her brother, Bruno, and more furry and feathered friends than you can swing a cat at. 

Nanny Gigg wins tickets to a concert by her favourite band, The Roaming Scones, and asks Sam and her best friend Ajay along. But little do they know that Bruno has zapped Nanny Gigg’s new budgie, Sindy, with one of their granddad’s crackpot inventions: the ENORMA-GRO 3000! 

Ajay sets off on a wild budgie chase across Dublin, but can he catch Sindy before she wrecks the gaff? Can Sam foil a plot to steal the Scones’ precious gold guitar? And will Nanny Gigg get to spread her wings and rock out? 

    About the Author

    Alan Nolan

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