Terry’s Dumb Dot Story: A Treehouse Tale

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Written by: Andy Griffiths
Illustrated by: Terry Denton

Meet Andy and Terry, the co-creators of Terry’s Dumb Dot Story. They make books together in the world’s coolest treehouse! But this time they can’t agree about a special story for World Book Day – and it’s not just Mr Big Nose keeping an eye on them now, but the story police too!

Take a sneak peek inside:

What the Toppsta reviewers think:

‘Very amusing story about Andy the story teller letting Terry the illustrator have a go at writing a story.  Terry realises it is not as simple as it seems.  It has got my 6 year old writing his own books (some with dots!) A great fun book and perfect for world book day.’ – Ragdollkhan, age 6

‘I LOVED this story. I love the Tree House stories and this was brilliant too. The illustrations are amazing and the story was very funny. Andy, the narrator, lets Terry, the illustrator, have a turn of writing and he realises how tricky it can be until he comes up with his dot story. I would highly recommend this book to children aged 7+.’ – Josh, age 9

‘This book is so silly and hilarious! Its about the Author and the illustrator (Andy and Terry) Andy narrates the book up until Terry argues that he should get a go narrating as well … My absolute favourite part of the book was the very last page, But I wont tell you what happened because that would give the whole story away. This Story was amazing and I would recommend to age 7 plus.’ – Giggle, age 10

‘My son started reading this at 6.10pm and by 6.50pm, it had been read, digested and then looked through again. He was a bit dubious about it at first, but when the story got going he loved it. He is now drawing dot evolutions based vaguely on the story. Definite hit.’ – rsa read it, age 8

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To get a free World Book Day 2018 in braille or on audio call the RNIB Helpline at 0303 123 9999 or email helpline@rnib.org.uk. If you would like to request a copy of a World Book Day 2018 title in large print, please call Guide Dogs on 0118 983 8275 or visit their website here.

    About the Author

    Andy Griffiths

    Andy Griffiths is Terry’s best mate. He is also Australia’s number one children’s author! His books, including the popular Treehouse books, have been hugely successful internationally, winning awards and becoming bestsellers in the UK and the USA as well as in his homeland, Australia. Andy thrives on having an audience: he has worked as a high school teacher, been the lead singer in a rock band and a stand-up comedian. He is a passionate advocate for literacy, has two daughters and lives in Melbourne, Australia.

    Website: www.andygriffiths.com.au
    Twitter: @AndyGbooks
    Facebook: AndyGBooks
    Instagram: @_andygbooks

    About the Illustrator

    Terry Denton

    Terry Denton is Andy’s best mate. He is also a bestselling and award-winning writer and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. Among other things, he worked on the Horrible Science series for Scholastic UK. He lives by the beach with his wife and three kids.

    Website: www.terrydenton.com