Win a signed and annotated copy of Everyone’s Thinking It by Aleema Omotoni.

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One lucky reader can win a signed and annotated copy of Everyone’s Thinking It by Aleema Omotoni.

Dear White People meets Mean Girls in this major new YA novel of 2023. Bursting with romance, juicy secrets and thought-provoking social commentary on sensitively handled topics including racism and queerphobia, Aleema Omotoni explores the fragility of reputation and the power of community while weaving a hugely entertaining mystery.

At an elite boarding school in the English countryside, Nigerian cousins Iyanu and Kitan are thrown into the middle of a schoolwide conspiracy when everyone’s juicy secrets are released “Burn Book style” the week before the annual Valentine’s Day Ball… Within the walls of Wodebury Hall, reputation is everything. But aspiring photographer Iyanu is more comfortable observing things safely from behind her camera. For Iyanu’s estranged cousin Kitan, life seems perfect. She has money, beauty and friends like queen bee Heather. But as a Nigerian girl in a school as white and insular as Wodebury, Kitan struggles with the personal sacrifices needed to keep her place – and the protection she gets – within the exclusive popular crowd. Then, photos from Iyanu’s camera are stolen and splashed across the school – each with a juicy secret written on it. With everyone’s dirty laundry suddenly out in the open, the school explodes in chaos, and the whispers accusing Iyanu of being the one behind it all start to feel like deja vu. Each girl is desperate to unravel the mystery of who stole the photos and why. But exposing the truth will change them all forever.

To enter, please email with the subject line ‘WBD EVERYONES THINKING IT’ explaining why you want to win. Competition closes 30 September 2023.