Win a signed copy of This Rock Is Mine!

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Five lucky readers can win a copy of This Rock is Mine, signed by Kaye Umansky!

Friendship wins the day in this fabulously funny quarrel! Two frogs sit on a rock – and both of them think it’s theirs. They fight and squabble furiously over it. But when a hungry heron swoops down, both frogs realise it’s time to find another rock . . . together! Kaye Umansky’s brilliantly simple rhyming story shows how two grumpy frogs go from fighting . . . to friendship (with lots of laughter along the way.) Alice McKinley’s superb illustrations bring to life every twist and turn of this wickedly witty little drama.

To enter, please email with the subject line ‘WBD THIS ROCK IS MINE‘ explaining why you want to win. Competition closes 30 September 2023.