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Book Aid International

World Book Day is very happy to support the work of Book Aid International, a fantastic charity dedicated to changing lives through books.

Book Aid International is the UK’s leading book donation and library development charity. Every year the charity sends over 1 million books to 26 countries around the world, giving the opportunity to read to those that need it most. Every year almost 20 million people gain access to books thanks to Book Aid International’s supporters.

While the majority of schools in the UK celebrate World Book Day, lots of children around the world aren’t able to – many children living in the countries in which Book Aid International works don’t have any books at home and, if they attend school, their school libraries are often empty or have very few books. Together we can change this.

Book Aid International believes that everyone, no matter their age or circumstances, should have access to the books that can enrich, improve and change their lives.  

It costs just £2 to send a book to a school or community library. Just £2 to give the gift of reading to children around the world. By fundraising on World Book Day, you will help Book Aid International send brand new books to children and young people in schools, public and community libraries and refugee camps.

From 2021, World Book Day will lead schools’ fundraising activity including the Big Booky Breaktime and ensure that Book Aid International receives a portion of funds raised. This will be 2/3 of those funds in 2021, and a minimum of ½ of those funds in 2022 and 2023. 

For fundraising ideas including how you can host your own Big Booky Breaktime on World Book Day 2021, click here

NB. If you are a school who fundraised for Book Aid International on World Book Day 2020, please refer to the Book Aid International website for details on how to pay your money in. 

Watch the video below to see how the money raised as part of World Book Day has directly benefitted children and young people across the world through the work of Book Aid International:

Celebrating World Book Day! from Book Aid International on Vimeo.

World Book Day® is a registered charity sponsored by National Book Tokens.