Storytime Online

Watch a wonderful range of famous authors and stars reading children’s books and short stories for kids of all ages.

This unique resource of stories for children are read by a fantastic selection of authors and actors – a brilliant way to keep children entertained and a fun way to help develop their language skills.

Story Time Online makes storytelling possible at any time of the day as children can watch these free books being read online whenever they want and as many times as they like.

There are lots of short stories for kids available here so there’s something for all ages. Simply scroll down to find stories for children under 5, aged 5+, aged 7+, aged 9+ and for children over 11.

Don’t forget, Story Time Online is a unique resource for teachers and parents which is free, fun and available at any time. These short stories for children are a great way to help improve children’s reading skills and make reading fun.

We’d like to thank Nicola Fenn of Aubergine Films for all her help with these videos.

We’d also like to thank Driftwood Treehouses and Creation Studio Productions for their work on this project.