Looking After Yourself

Looking After Yourself

Looking After Yourself

These books are all about teaching us the power of self-care. Learn all about mindfulness and how to value yourself and your emotions. The vibrant images and stories in these books might help you put into words those feelings you never knew how to express.

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Beginning Reader

What's in Your Mind Today?

New Frontier Publishing

Sometimes I'm a Baby Bear, Sometimes I'm a Snail

Welbeck Children's Books

Hello, Friend!

Macmillan Children's Books

It's OK to Cry

Bloomsbury Education

Andersen Press

Early Reader

Know Your Feelings!

b small publishing

Rain Before Rainbows

Walker Books

Sweet Cherry Publishing

Ruby's Worry


Walker Books

Fluent Reader

Firefly Press

Simon & Schuster

Hot Key Books


Perfectly Weird, Perfectly You

Hachette Children's Books

Independent Reader


The Hunt for the Nightingale

Simon & Schuster

Silence is Not An Option


The State of Grace

Macmillan Children's Books

Walker Books