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For Booksellers

World Book Day is all about getting kids into bookshops. With more than 15 million book tokens going out this year, every child wanting to get their hands on their free book (or £1 off any full price book that takes their fancy) will be visiting one of your bookshops. Find out about this year’s £1 books here.

For a lot of kids it will help cement a love of books—maybe they’ll find a new author to love, or feel a little closer to one they already knew. For others it’ll be an amazing introduction to one of the great pleasures of life.

You are a big part of what makes World Book Day special, and it is thanks to your goodwill and generosity that we can make World Book Day happen.

To help you this year, we’ve got ideas, information and resources to help you to make as big a World Book Day fuss as possible (because celebrating reading is definitely worth making a fuss about!) and also how to work with local schools and libraries.

Download the World Book Day Share A Story toolkit for bookshops


We’re creating some eye-catching posters to help promote World Book Day and the £1 books in bookshops. The events poster includes space for you to advertise any special events you have planned on or around World Book Day.

School’s Resource Packs

Our resource packs for nurseries and pre-schools, primaries and secondary schools will be packed with information about this year’s campaign.


We will have a host of printable resources including colouring sheets, quizzes, crafts, puzzles and activities that may be used for your in-store events. Check out our resources area, which is searchable by age range, type of activity and author.

Branding and PR

If you’re creating your own promotional materials, you will be able to use this year’s World Book Day branding and PR Toolkit.