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Posted by Sue Leney, Teddington

Primary Activity
January 23, 2013

Three ideas we’ve enjoyed in our large four form entry primary school:

Write a story in the form of a ‘consequences game’. Each class in the year group writes a story opener and then passes it to a class in another year for them to continue and so on throughout the school. One year we chose characters and a setting for all to see but the class only passed on the last line of their instalment, which led to some interesting stories! These can be shared with everyone in assembly.

Another ‘Oldie but Goody’ is the magic box. Each teacher contributes an item (preferably weird and wonderful) to put into a box and, with lots of drama and intrigue, the items are shown to the children as if they had just been discovered in school. Everybody then writes a story about them.

Finally the children love the ‘Bring and Buy/Book Swap’ and everyone comes away with something new and exciting to read!

Sue Leney, Assistant Head, Stanley Primary School, Teddington