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Information for Booksellers

About World Book Day Ireland

The 21st Annual World Book Day, Ireland’s largest celebration of books and reading, will take place on Thursday 1st March 2018.

World Book Day is run by the Booksellers Association and is a month-long event from 1st–31st March 2018.

World Book Day is the biggest celebration of books, reading, authors and illustrators of its kind. A celebration for children of all ages in Ireland. Now in its 21st year, World Book Day brings publishers, educational establishments, libraries, literacy charities, bookshops and the media together to shout about the power of reading for pleasure.

What happens? Every year, €1.50 book tokens are distributed to almost every school/nursery age child in the country. To date, World Book Day has distributed over 170 million vouchers and sold over 10 million £1/€1.50 books in the Ireland and the UK.

Then… Children are encouraged to visit their local bookshop where they can exchange their tokens for one of eleven exclusive new books OR get €1.50 off a full-price book. In 2018, we have an incredible line-up of special edition €1.50 books for children to get excited about, plus an exclusive title from The O’Brien Press for Irish readers: Rugby Roar by Gerard Siggins.

Above all… We want children to feel that ‘Christmas morning’ excitement about taking part in World Book Day and the prospect of getting a special new book by one of their favourite authors, or discovering a new author or series that will inspire them to keep on reading.

As a celebration, it provides: A chance for children to choose their own free book – three out of ten children in this country currently don’t own a book

  • An inclusive celebration for children of all ages from nursery to secondary
  • Access to some of the biggest authors and illustrators in the country
  • An opportunity to connect children with books by launching exciting, forward-looking, interactive marketing initiatives that will make different age groups want to get involved
  • A platform to launch a campaign message that raises awareness of the importance of reading and reading for pleasure in every child’s life
  • An opportunity to provide a year-round resource for schools and parents to connect with book-related activities throughout the year


Guide to Organising and Publicising your 2018 World Book Day Events

Please post your World Book Day Events up here. Include any-in store activities you have planned, such as colouring or short story competitions, workshops, storytelling events or author visits.

We can then help promote your event through the World Book Day Ireland Facebook and Twitter pages. If you are using social media,  please connect with us on Facebook and Twitter

Holding an Event

If you are thinking of holding a book event, please note that it can take place anytime during the month of March. So if you haven’t yet thought about organising something, then read on for some tips to help you get started.

Remember – the earlier you plan your event the longer you will have to promote it and available authors will get snapped up quickly. Start using your contacts now and get your event confirmed!

Hundreds of book events will take place up and down the country to celebrate World Book Day. Click here to upload your own events and to find out about other Irish World Book Day events.

Event Ideas

You might prefer to hold an adult reading or children’s event or both. Some of the more popular ideas include:

  • Inviting an author to do a reading in your shop
  • Organising a special book club for World Book Day
  • Making a special window display – have someone reading in the window for World Book Day
  • Linking up with your local branch of NALA (National Adult Literacy Agency), VEC or local adult literacy group to run a Quick Reads exploration of reading
  • Discussing one of the Quick Reads books in your book club.

Children’s events might include:

  • Inviting a school class to the shop and organise a reading
  • Inviting an author to read to a local school class
  • Filling your window with books and ask the public to guess how many there are
  • Activity Hours: Children can draw pictures of their favourite characters from favourite books, write reviews of the last book that they read, design book covers etc. Perhaps these could be displayed in an area in the shop for the month of March
  • Hosting a special family day with face painters, clowns and other entertainment in-store
  • Having local school children attend your event dressed as their favourite book character
  • Arranging a competition with the local paper or radio station, where you will provide the prize, e.g. a colouring competition or design a bookmark competition for primary school children, a short story competition for older children.


Publicising Your Event

Once you have finalised your event, please pass on any information and we can post these up on the World Book Day website and Facebook page. Katy Bowe PR are back on board as PR again for 2017 and can be contacted at [email protected]

Many of you will already be involved in your local communities and will know someone in your local NEWSPAPER or RADIO station and have a relationship with them; some of you won’t. It makes no difference. For the purpose of World Book Day, here are some hints on getting the coverage that you are looking for your event.

Make the journalist’s life as easy as possible and help get your story covered.

Get social

Social media is a key tool to promote World Book Day and to talk to our customers, especially the younger ones, where they spend their time – online!

  • Over 2 million Irish people are using Facebook!
  • There are over 600,000 daily users of Twitter in Ireland.


If you haven’t already done so, please ‘like’ our Facebook page. If you have a page for your store, let us know and we can cross link with you. Please join the conversation on our page and help us promote World Book Day to new and existing fans. Every interaction will help so please ‘like’ our posts and photos, comment on our updates, share our updates and suggest our page to your friends.

Remember – the World Book Day Ireland page is maintained for the benefit of all Irish Bookshops – it’s your page too and your feedback, suggestions and interactions are always welcome!


If you use Twitter then please follow our feed.  Last year #WorldBookDay was the No. 1 trending topic worldwide so we have high standards to reach again!


Window Displays

Your window displays are a vital advertisement to remind your local customers that your store is supporting World Book Day and that the€1.50 book tokens can be redeemed for the whole month of March. Do make sure you put in a bright and vibrant window display for World Book Day and upload a picture of your display to the Bookseller Album on our Facebook page.

World Book Day grows every year, as more and more partners come on board and join us in our activities. But our core activity continues – providing schools and their attending children with school packs, display material and the World Book Day €1.50 tokens – all free of charge.