Celebrate National Non-Fiction November

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Organised by the Federation of Children’s Book Groups, National Non-Fiction November is an annual celebration of the power of non-fiction to inspire children and celebrate readers who have a passion for information and facts. 2020 celebrates the 10th anniversary of National Non-Fiction November. 

At World Book Day, we believe in the power of sharing stories, and some of the best stories out there could be hidden in our everyday world. Non-fiction books can help us appreciate the exciting narratives that exist in nature, or history, or science – the options are endless! There’s so much fun to be had with reading non-fiction together and they are a great way to stimulate discussion and debate. Try a family quiz to put your knowledge to the test, and exchange the favourite fun facts you’ve learned along the way.

This year’s theme for National-Non-Fiction November 2020 is The Planet We Share, reflecting the widespread concern for our beautiful planet which is under serious threat – particularly from climate change and plastic pollution. These are big issues for young minds to understand and engage with, but non-fiction can help to explain the problems and suggest ways to help make a difference. 

At World Book Day, we are committed to inspiring change through reading and promoting books that will shape the next generation of great minds. We’re so excited to share our 2021 £1 book, Protect the Planet by Jess French, which teaches children how acts of kindness can help to protect our planet.

There is something to be learned by parents and children alike from non-fiction books. Check out this list of 100 brilliant non-fiction reads that will keep you learning together everyday.