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£1/€1.50 books

Introducing our fantastic line-up of £1/€1.50 books for World Book Day on 2 March 2023! The £1/€1.50 books are an important part of our mission to promote reading for pleasure by offering every child and young person the opportunity to choose and own a book. We work with publishers and children to create a list that appeals to a wide range of interests and stages of reading with the help of our selection guidance.

The £1/€1.50 books are also available in braille, large print & audio via Guide Dogs, NCBI, RNIB and Calibre Audio. If you require one of these formats, please get in touch with the following contact numbers closer to World Book Day:

RNIB – Braille & audio versions (UK) 0303 123 9999
Guide Dogs – Large print (UK) 0345 143 1000
Calibre Audio – Audio versions (UK) 01296 432 339
NCBI – Braille, audio, large print (Ireland) 01 8642266 (or email

Cliceáil anseo le haghaidh tuilleadh eolais faoi Lá Domhanda na Leabhar in Éirinn | Click here for more information about World Book Day in Ireland.

Cliciwch yma am fwy o wybodaeth am Ddiwrnod y Llyfr yng Nghymru | Click here for more information about World Book Day in Wales.

  • Billy's Bravery
  • Tom Percival
  • Bloomsbury Children's Books
  • Bedtime for the Burpee Bears
  • Joe Wicks
  • Paul Howard
  • HarperCollins Children's Books
  • Lifesize Creepy Crawlies
  • Sophy Henn
  • Red Shed, Farshore
  • You Choose Your Adventure
  • Pippa Goodhart
  • Nick Sharratt
  • Puffin (Penguin Random House Children's)
  • Dave Pigeon: Bookshop Mayhem
  • Swapna Haddow
  • Sheena Dempsey
  • Faber
  • Marvel Spider-Man the Amazing Pocket Guide
  • Catherine Saunders
  • DK
  • The Boy with Wings: Attack of the Rampaging Robot
  • Lenny Henry
  • Keenon Ferrell
  • Macmillan Children's Books
  • A Dragon Realm Adventure
  • Katie & Kevin Tsang
  • Simon & Schuster Children's Books
  • The Strangeworlds Travel Agency: Adventure in the Floating Mountains
  • L.D. Lapinski
  • Hachette Children's Group
  • Kay's Brilliant Brains
  • Adam Kay
  • Henry Paker
  • Puffin (Penguin Random House Children's)
  • Boot It!
  • A. M. Dassu
  • Zainab 'Daby' Faidhi
  • Old Barn Books
  • Being an Ally: Real Talk About Showing Up, Screwing Up, and Trying Again
  • Shakirah Bourne (she/her)
  • Dana Alison Levy (she/her) (Co-editors)
  • DK
  • Hazel Tree Farm: One Stormy Night
  • Alma Jordan
  • Margaret Anne Suggs
  • The O'Brien Press
  • Rita agus an Dragún
  • Máire Zepf
  • Mr Ando
  • An tSnáthaid Mhór
Éire amháin
  • Gwisg Ffansi Cyw
  • Anni Llŷn
  • Y Lolfa
Cymru yn unig - dech

Getting hold of your £1/€1.50 book

Through schools, nurseries, magazines, and partners, 50 million £1/€1.50 tokens are distributed to children and young people before World Book Day so they can experience choosing one of these books for FREE from their nearest bookseller. Your local bookseller might be on a high street or could be a supermarket. The book tokens are valid from Thursday 16 February to Sunday 26 March 2023. Find out more about the £1/€1.50 books and tokens in our information sheet and read the Terms & Conditions.

World Book Day® is a charity sponsored by National Book Tokens.