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How to get involved with World Book Day

How to get involved with World Book Day

How to get involved with World Book Day

We welcome the opportunity to work with partners who share our commitment to changing lives through a love of books and shared reading. We work with those who can help us do more to achieve our mission to promote reading for pleasure and offer every child and young person the opportunity to have a book of their own.

World Book Day is a registered trade mark. This means you must have our written consent through a formal licensing agreement to use the name ‘World Book Day’, our logo or any of our artwork assets.

  • Schools, nurseries, libraries, participating booksellers – you may use the logo and assets with no charge. Contact [email protected] to receive a link to the World Book Day assets for 2022. [Schools/nurseries – please note that the logo and assets should only be used for your World Book Day celebrations and not for other materials.]
  • Charity/non-profit organisations – you can register to use the logo and assets with no charge by agreeing to the terms of our Partnership Agreement. Click on the image below to register.
  • Commercial organisations – we carefully select our commercial partners. If you are a commercial organisation we may ask for a fee to license our name and logo, which will enable World Book Day to do more to achieve our mission. Click on the image below for more information.


Work with us on World Book Day 2022

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Commercial organisations

Find out more about how we can work together

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Below are examples of the assets and artwork available for you to use once you have signed up as a partner. Please read above on how to access our assets and brand guidelines.

World Book Day Brand Style Guide
World Book Day logos
25th anniversary celebration assets
2022's £1/€1.50 books
Allen Fatimaharan's illustrations
Allen Fatimaharan's credit line
World Book Day® is a charity sponsored by National Book Tokens.