Primary Resources


Try one or a combination of these brilliant bookish ideas – on World Book Day or any day – shared with us by teachers and librarians. Come back and find more ideas in our WORLD BOOK DAY RESOURCE PACK when it is released at the end of November 2016.


  1. Whole school reading try one of these for fixed times or when the bell rings throughout the whole day and children must grab their nearest book to read:
    DEAR: Drop Everything and Read.
    DEAR: Drop Everything and Reflect.
    ERIC: Everyone Reads In Class.
  2. Book blitz children share a favourite book with a friend. They read it to them and tell them why they love it in 1 minute, then swap .
  3. Paired reading older children read with younger children.
  4. Swapsies teachers swap classes and read their favourite book or poem.


  1. Storycrafting children write a short story to make a class anthology. Take a look at our writing tips in our Storycraft videos.
  2. Weird Write-all children write one paragraph or page of a story and pass it on to create a (rather strange!) combined story 
  3. Author and illustrator research children research their favourite author or illustrator and write about their life and books (a good one if you’re completing Arts Award!).


  1. Costume parade children model their literary outfits, hats or masks, and recite a line, make an action, or explain why they like the character to the rest of the class.
  2. Character study children present their chosen character to classmates, talking about the values they represent, e.g. Mary Poppins is caring, Charlie Bucket loves his family.
  3. Make props to wear together create masks, glasses, beards or whole costumes using Book Aid International’s downloadable activity sheets. Children can be a whole range of characters and raise money for charity at the same time.
  4. Run a Book Swap Theme Day or Festival of the Imagination create lots of fairground stalls eg Swap a Book, Hook a Duck, Madame Bibliotheque telling reading futures, the magic of books with a magician, etc.
  5. Hold a book sale, book swap or book fair.


  1. Run a quiz try The Bumper Book Quiz or create your own.
  2. Guess my book literary charades for children and teachers or Who Am I? quiz where teachers provide a title for their own ‘autobiography’ and children have to match the teacher to the title.
  3. Story sacks and book boxes children place items in a shoe box or sack linked to a particular book for their classmates to guess.
  4. Spelling bee have fun with words like ‘splendiferous’ and ‘Gruffalo’. Prizes could include book vouchers or stationery.
  5. Readathon Run a sponsored read for a week or a month.


  1. Design a book cover, poster, bookmark or book bunting to decorate the school or library – pupils can design the using their favourite book jackets or reading slogans.
  2. Decorate a door with a book theme – each with a different book title.
  3. Create book characters from potatoes, wooden spoons or hard-boiled eggs