How to get involved with World Book Day.



Booksellers are a big part of what makes World Book Day special. Through your relationships with schools and local community organisations you can make sure that reading is for everyone, and that more children become readers, improving their life chances. By participating in World Book Day you’re helping to create the readers of the future.

The token redemption period is from Thursday 16 February – Sunday 26 March 2023.

Find out more with Getting the most from World Book Day. This guide was written with the Booksellers Association and the BA’s Children’s Bookselling Group.

To learn more about running a World Book Day event, check out our guide.

To learn more about how you can make a difference on World Book Day and change children’s lives through the joy of reading, check out our toolkit.

£1/€1.50 books and £1/€1.50 book token

Bookshops help create the £1/€1.50 book token and £1/€1.50 book exchange that is so important to World Book Day and to children. They give children the chance to experience choosing and owning a book – for free.

Booksellers buy the books and give them to children in exchange for the £1/€1.50 token. They also provide a brilliant way for children, young people and families to discover reading recommendations and to enjoy events with authors and illustrators.

Children are encouraged to take their £1/€1.50 book token to their nearest participating bookseller, which they can find here.

Your events

Booksellers run amazing World Book Day events to encourage families to love reading. Please add your events to our map so that we can help more children and young people to enjoy them.

Terms & Conditions

Click here for the Terms & Conditions for participating in World Book Day.