Overcoming Barriers to Reading for Pleasure

World Book Day working together with The Open University's Reading for Pleasure team have developed a series of webinars and VLOG to encourage reflective discussion around the barriers to Reading for Pleasure as readers and practitioners in school.

Overcoming Barriers to Reading for Pleasure

Overcoming Barriers to Reading for Pleasure

The Series:

This series of webinars and VLOGS is a series of reflective conversations around the barriers that children have identified with librarians, teachers and reading volunteers reflecting on their own experience of that barrier and how it can be addressed in a school setting. 

The introductory webinar is available here now and a new VLOG will be published each month between February and May.

The series culminates on 12 June with a final reflective webinar pulling together the threads of the discussions and hearing your reflections too.

February: Readers don’t always want to read the same thing

March: Readers don’t always see genuine role models

April: Readers don’t always feel confident sharing their thoughts about books

May: Readers don’t always find it easy to concentrate and get distracted.

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