Oi Goat!

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Written by: Kes Gray
Illustrated by: Jim Field

Created for World Book Day, the next hilarious rhyming picture book from award-winning Kes Gray and Roald Dahl Funny Prize winner Jim Field, following the bestselling Oi Frog!, Oi Dog! and Oi Cat!

Take a sneak peek inside:

What the Toppsta reviewers think:

‘Simply fantastic! This book is everything any child could need to celebrate World Book Day and develop their love of reading books. Fans of the Oi! series won’t be dissapointed and it’s a brilliant introduction for those that haven’t read the other books yet. Goat finds out that each animal has their own special clothes to dress up in, and some even wear costumes! Leo found the illustrations delightfully hilarious – he couldn’t get over some of the costumes!’ – EB87 read to LA12, age 5

‘We were very excited to read Oi Goat! as we are big fans of the ‘Oi…’ series of books. We already have Oi Frog!, Oi Dog! and Oi Cat! and would highly recommend them. Oi Goat! did not disappoint. It has some amazingly bold and colourful illustrations and a story that will have the whole family laughing out loud’- Amy read to Noah, age 7 and Flynn, age 4

‘What a great book, really nice illustrations and rhyming text make this book perfect for world book day. Frog is teaching goat all about world book day and about what the other animals are dressing up as. My animal loving little boy loved this book. He thought it was very funny too.’ – Luke read to Freddy, age 5

‘I read this book to my four year old, with my eight year old listening over my shoulder.  My little one quite enjoyed the rhyming and the pictures, while Miss 8 got excited at the mention of World Book Day and starting talking about different costumes that SHE might wear this year.  They then giggled a lot and tried to think of things that rhymed that could be costumes for other animals.  Overall, a great bedtime read!’ – Jen read to her children, ages 8 and 4

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    About the Author

    Kes Gray

    Voted by the Independent as one of the TOP TEN children’s authors only a year after publishing his first book, Kes Gray is a major talent and the author of the bestselling and award-winning Eat Your Peas, the Daisy series, and the Oi picture book series and many more. He lives in Witham, Essex, with his wife, family and assortment of animals.

    Website: www.kesgray.com

    About the Illustrator

    Jim Field

    A lead-driven, pencil-pushing, 25-frames-per-second, Led Zeppelin fan, Jim Field is also a hugely talented illustrator and animation director. His first picture book Cats Ahoy! won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize. The bestselling Oi Frog! books, written by Kes Gray, have been shortlisted for numerous prizes, as has The Lion Inside with Rachel Bright. His vibrant, energetic style and witty detail delight children and adults alike.

    Twitter: @_JimField
    Website: www.jimfield.co.uk