What are the age ranges for the World Book Day £1/€1.50 books books?

What are the age ranges for the World Book Day £1/€1.50 books books?

What are the age ranges for the World Book Day £1/€1.50 books books?

World Book Day’s aim is for the books we present to be for all children and families, and particularly to offer a gateway into reading for those who don’t currently see themselves as readers.

We use an approach to reading scales, developed by CLPE, that recognises that reading for pleasure develops at different times for all children – and that children less engaged in reading are likely to have a reading level lower than their chronological age.

The scale has age approximations for children making expected progress. You can see that, and more about our approach to encouraging reading, here.

Reading Scale Stage Behaviours Age approximation for children making expected progress
Beginning Reader Not yet able to access print independently, most have favourites to share, join in with simple texts and know how to handle books. Pre-school


Early Reader Growing confidence and ability. Reflect and respond to reading. Interest in range of reading material e.g. information texts, poetry and picture books. 5+


Fluent Reader Select books independently.  Likely to be developing strong reading preferences and showing interest in new authors and genres. 8+


Independent Reader Self-motivated and confident. Willing to take on more extended and more challenging texts. Teen


£1/€1.50 Books

Concerns about suitability

World Book Day is committed to helping all young people change their lives through a love of books and shared reading by offering every child a book of their own. Making sure we have a diverse selection of books that appeal to the widest possible audience is a key part of this.

With advice from industry experts as well as educational consultants, and in partnership with the publishers of the £1/€1.50 books, we’re presenting a diverse and inclusive list to appeal to a wide range of children at all ages, interests, and stages of reading. We believe it’s crucial that we be an ally to all children, and make sure that they all see themselves represented in what we do and can make a deep connection with what they read.

For independent readers, who tend to be older children and teens World Book Day refers to the reading scale stages developed by CLPE which show the approximate age of children who are making expected progress.

Accessible Copies

All the World Book Day £1/€1.50 books are available in braille, large print, and audio with help from RNIB, Guide Dogs, Calibre Audio and Vision Ireland.

If you require one of these formats, please get in touch with the following contact numbers closer to World Book Day:

RNIB – Braille & audio versions (UK) 0303 123 9999

Guide Dogs – Large print (UK) 0345 143 1000

Calibre Audio – Audio versions (UK) 01296 432 339

Vision Ireland – Braille, audio, large print (Ireland) library@vi.ie