Exciting Autumn Reads for Ages 0-5

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As the summer nights make way for an autumnal chill, get cosy and snuggle up with one of our recommended Autumn reads – to be enjoyed alone, or even better, with the family. 

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Dog Gone, by Rob Biddulph, published by HarperCollins Children’s Books

Every dog has his Dave (or otherwise-named human)… but on a walk in the park, the adorable Teddy the pug, loses his! And when Teddy finds himself at the shed of the TERRIBLE TROLL in the woods, he might find more than he bargained for… a new friend.

Packed with delight, dogs, and even a Dave, this hilariously funny and exquisitely illustrated new book from the incredible Rob Biddulph, the creative star behind the viral and phenomenal #DrawWithRob, will have you panting for more!

This is the perfect story for boys and girls of 4+, and dog-lovers everywhere, to share with their families! Roll around in the rhymes and enjoy Rob Biddulph’s trademark warm-hearted humour.

The Hospital Dog by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Sara Ogilvie, published by Macmillan Children’s Books

Written by the brilliant Julia Donaldson and stunningly illustrated by the award-winning Sara Ogilvie, The Hospital Dog is a big-hearted tale about a very special, very brave dog.

Here is a dog, a Dalmatian called Dot,
Is she quite ordinary? NO, SHE’S NOT!

After their breakfast and a swim in the sea, Dot and her owner Rose jump on the bus to the hospital. Dot loves visiting the children of Wallaby Ward and they’re always pleased to see her too; from a crying baby to a bored teenager – a pat, a stroke and a cuddle with Dot cheers everyone up. But the work of the hospital dog doesn’t stop there and when one of her patients is in trouble, it’s up to Dot to save the day!

One Hundred Steps: The Story of Captain Sir Tom Moore, by Captain Tom Moore and illustrated by Adam Larkum, published by Puffin Books

The story of the man who captured the heart of a nation in its darkest days, Captain Sir Tom Moore.

A book about adventure, about family, about never giving up, and about what we can achieve when we work together.

This is an inspirational picture book, published in support of the creation of the Captain Tom Foundation, which tells the incredible story of the man who walked 100 laps of his garden and captured the heart of a nation. Fully illustrated for younger readers, and following the key moments from Captain Tom’s incredible life, the book shows what is possible when we come together and never, ever give up.

Don’t Tickle the Bear!, by Sam Taplin, illustrated by Ana Martin Larranaga, published by Usborne

You mustn’t tickle the bear, or it might growl at you… but it’s hard to resist that fluffy touchy-feely patch! This hilarious book has four touchy-feely patches which make a sound when you press them (bear, eagle, moose and wolf), along with holes in the pages and a musical finale.

The Littlest Yak by Lu Fraser and illustrated by Kate Hindley, published by Simon & Schuster

Gertie is the littlest yak in the herd, feeling stuck in her smallness – she wants to grow UP and have bigness and tallness. But when it turns out that there are some things that only Gertie can do, might she come to see that she’s perfect, just the way she is?


Oi Aardvark by Kes Gray, illustrated by Jim Field, published by Hodder Children’s Books

Baboons sit on balloons, crocs sit on clocks and donkeys sit on long keys . . .

Let Frog, Dog and Cat guide you through the alphabet from Aardvark to Zebra in this hilarious new picture book from the creators of Oi Frog!  With a special fold-out surprise!

The laughter never ends with Oi Frog and Friends!

Stop That Virus! by Words & Pictures, illustrated by Susanna Rumiz, published by Words & Pictures

Intruder alert! Follow a virus as it tries to attack a body and meet the team of cells, enzymes and antibodies that that work together to fight back and defeat the enemy germ.

Enzymes, enter! Antibodies, attack! Turn the pages to change the scenes and stop that sneaky virus.

Big Words for Little People: Bravery, by Helen Mortimer, illustrated by Cristina Trapanese and published by Oxford University Press

This little hardback book creates a moment to focus on Bravery. It introduces words to talk about feelings with confidence and in a way that feels good. The engaging art style, fun characters and picture book feel make it perfect to share and, because it is from Oxford, it is packed with educational goodness to help children develop and grow.

Mog’s Birthday by Judith Kerr, published by HarperCollins Children’s Books

It’s Mog’s Birthday and everyone is excited to celebrate – except Mog!

Mog doesn’t like birthdays or parties and she especially doesn’t like them both together. But will she change her mind when it’s her OWN special day?

HarperCollins created this special birthday story in collaboration with Judith Kerr, using a selection of pictures from across fifty years of Mog illustrations to bring the delightful story to life. Join us in celebrating fifty years of a really remarkable cat!