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Mindfulness and oranges

Fans of September’s Book Club title Our Beautiful Game will know that oranges are a special treat. In the book, set during World War One, Polly and her siblings only get them at Christmas. This month we’d love you to combine your book club snack with some mindfulness by learning how to really savour what you’re eating. So what better snack to choose than a juicy, fragrant orange.

Here are some ideas for how to make your orange eating experience into more of a special occasion:

  1. Close your eyes and hold the orange in your hand. What does it feel like? Spend a few moments feeling the weight and shape of the orange.
  2. With your eyes still closed bring the orange up to your nose – when do you start to smell it? Take several breaths with the orange in front of your nose, taking in the smell of the peel.
  3. Take time over peeling the orange. What do you notice about the smell – does it change? Is the orange juicy? Does the skin come away easily?
  4. Divide the orange into segments. You might even want to arrange it on a plate.
  5. Place one in your mouth. Before you chew hold it there – how does it feel? Is the juice running into your mouth already? Now chew, taking your time to feel the juice coming out and the flavour filling your mouth.
  6. Challenge yourself to think about every mouthful as you eat it. Wonder – does this way of eating change anything about the experience?

We hope this slow eating helps you really appreciate your book club snack. Happy reading.

Our Beautiful Game