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Vi Spy Licence to Chill Snack Recipe

Maz Evans – author of Vi Spy Licence to Chill has recommended a chocolate biscuit to eat with the book. If you’d prefer a healthier option you could try our Oat and Date ball recipe instead. 

No Egg chocolate biscuits 

A super easy recipe for when you need a chocolate biscuit for an emergency reading session! 

You will need: 

  • A mixing bowl 
  • Scales 
  • A spoon 
  • A fork 
  • Greaseproof paper or silicon baking mat 
  • A baking tray 
  • An oven 


  • 100g butter (or dairy free alternative) 
  • 50g sugar 
  • 125g self raising flour 
  • 15g cocoa powder 
Step  Picture 
Preheat your oven to 180c/160c (Fan)/350F 

Soften the butter (if you’re organised you can get it out of the fridge for a while before you start) and mix with the sugar until it’s smooth and creamy 

Weigh the flour and the cocoa powder – mix together smoothing out any lumps of cocoa powder with the back of your spoon.  
Add the flour to the butter and sugar mix – stir – it will start to look like breadcrumbs and then begin to lump together – once this starts happening, go in with your hands and bring it all together into a ball.
Put some greaseproof paper or a silicon baking mat onto your baking tray. 

Split the large dough ball into 8-12. Roll each of these pieces into a ball and spread them out over your baking tray. 

Dip a fork into cold water and use it to smash each biscuit. Put into the oven for 12-15 minutes. They will be soft when they come out but harden up as they cool.  
When cool – enjoy with the book.