Turn party games into book recommendation games

Never have I ever….
Students take turns trying to find books that haven’t been written for example:
• Never have I ever read a book with a vampire as the main character…
• Never have I ever read a book set here…
Award points for categories that no-one can think of a book recommendation for.

Two truths and a lie
Students tell two truths and a lie about a book they have read. They can even include a fake title if they want to really trip people up!

Guess Who?

Grab your detective’s hat and polish your magnifying glass, it’s time to get guessing… Draw or dress up as your favourite book character and play a giant game of ‘Guess Who?’ on the floor! Download your free resource sheet here.


Students act out a book title. You could ask them to drop their favourite book title into a bowl and then each person pulls out a title to enact.

The Sculptor

Students transform a friend into a book character using posture alone. They win points for every correct guess. You could prepare for this by inviting students to find character descriptions in their favourite books – they could read these out as clues if the group can’t guess by the posture alone.


Pick some book titles that you would like your class to read – provide each table with the title and the first line of the blurb, ask them to generate 3 other fake lines of blurb for the same title. When you’re ready to play ask each table to guess the right answer from the selection. The teams win points for every wrong title that is guessed and the guessers win points for every right answer.